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Professors Messenger and Baily

Aug 6, 2018

Passing Gas Podcast: Off the Cuff and On the Mark

Episodes, about 20 minutes each, are recorded weekly during the fall and spring semesters and available to students on class websites. The episodes alternate between topics related to anesthesiology and pharmacology... 

Oscar Fletcher with Matthew Breen

Jun 27, 2018

Oscar Fletcher Retires, Ending an Era at NC State

It was during Oscar Fletcher's time as Dean that the CVM became a part of NC State’s Centennial Campus and that a landmark gift from Randall B. Terry transformed the campus, creating the enviable Randall B. Terry, Jr. Companion Animal Veterinary Medical Center... 

vets pet dog

Jun 25, 2018

A Promising Approach to Treating Canine Brain Tumors

The hospital’s radiation oncology service traditionally — and effectively — treats meningiomas, a common type of brain tumor in dogs, with surgery and radiation therapy... 

Dean Lunn presents award to Ed Breitschwerdt

Apr 9, 2018

A Distinguished Professorship for an Extraordinary Scientist

Ed Breitschwerdt, a professor of medicine and infectious diseases, came to the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1982, and has influenced students in every CVM class to step through the college’s doors... 

Chicken the Webb's dog

Mar 16, 2018

A Once-Neglected Stray Receives an Unforgettable Memorial

She was dangerously thin, fleeing in fear at even the sound of a falling leaf. The leather collar around her neck was so tight it was clear she had grown out of it some time ago. Vicki Webb first spotted the reddish-blond Labrador-shepherd mix stray when she began stealing cat food from bowls in the… 

students practice client communications in simulated appointments

Feb 26, 2018

Building DVM Skills One Conversation at a Time

An innovative, thorough approach to instilling communication values that apply to the wide range of situations veterinarians face every day...