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Student Experience

From Thailand, Jasmine Lapsley Reports

Students at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine have access to all kinds of internships, externships and research experiences during their four years of school. This summer, several students will be sharing some of what they're doing and learning in real time.

Jasmine Lapsley is working in Thailand this summer
Jasmine Lapsley is working in Thailand this summer


Hello, I’m Jasmine Lapsley, a rising third year at NC State CVM! I am veterinary support staff for Loop Abroad for the first half of my summer. I will be working not only as an assistant to the Thai vets here in Thailand but also as a mentor to the many pre-veterinary students coming to Thailand this summer.

NC State prepared me for this position by instilling in me the confidence and knowledge in not only my skills but also my ability to lead. With my veterinary education from NC State, I am confident in my ability to explain things such as physical exam skills and how to do a confident blood draw to more complex things such as how to identify specimens under a microscope (thank you, clin path!) and the gross anatomy of the heart! 

It is SO important to LIFT AS YOU CLIMB! I did a veterinary semester abroad in Thailand with Loop in 2018, and it means so much to me to be able to come back and share my knowledge as a vet student such as the application process, tips and tricks I’ve picked up since 2018, and showing students you can exist and excel in this field.