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Dr. Tal Ben-Horin and Ph.D. student Zakir Bulmer relocate oyster bags from CMAST to Core Sound as part of a study into the disease resistance of different genetic lines of oysters.

Nov 16, 2023

Our Remarkable Reach: Check out The Oath for Fall 2023

This edition of The Oath magazine highlights the myriad ways we contribute to North Carolina’s economy and strength by improving the lives of its animals and people. 

Dr. Tal Ben-Horin and PhD student Zakir Bulmer relocate a set of oyster bags from CMAST to Core Sound as part of a study into the disease resistance of different genetic lines of oysters.

Nov 14, 2023


By Katie Rice and Burgetta Eplin Wheeler In the 40 years since the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine dedicated its main facility, the college has repaid the state’s continuing investment by becoming a generator of graduates schooled in the latest cutting-edge care and a hub of transformative research into animal and translational medicine. Though the… 

Briana Blackwelder on a veterinary mission trip to Navajo Nation

Aug 8, 2023

From Navajo Nation, Briana Blackwelder Reports

My two weeks externing with Foundation Equine were amazing. Taking the opportunity to spend at least two weeks with a practice is so important. In that time, you have the chance to grow professional relationships and really connect with the staff. 

Emma Eldridge worked on anesthesia during surgery on a Gila monster at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Aug 4, 2023

From the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Emma Eldridge Wraps up

Hey, everybody! My name is Emma, and I’m a rising second-year student with an intended focus in zoological and wildlife medicine. This summer I’ll be sharing what it’s like to work as a veterinary intern at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences! 

Sam Schopler, Class of 2024, is using his Small Animal Externship to shadow a veterinarian in the countryside of Cork, Ireland

Jun 21, 2023

From Ireland’s Countryside, Sam Schopler Reports

After being on the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Business Management Association board for three years, I’m no stranger to the inevitable, “Where do you want to be in 10 years?” question that is a frequent topic at networking events, round tables and more. In answering this, I’ve always found it important to share… 

NC State DVM student Jasmine Lapsley is in Thailand this summer

Jun 6, 2023

From Thailand, Jasmine Lapsley Reports

Students at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine have access to all kinds of internships, externships and research experiences during their four years of school. This summer, several students will be sharing some of what they're doing and learning in real time. 

Two graduates at the 2023 Oath and Hooding Ceremony.

May 31, 2023

May News and Updates: Celebrating and Sending Off Our New Doctors

Stay up to date on how the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is having a huge impact on our community, from advancing knowledge about dementia to serving rural areas across North Carolina. 

Sharon Daley, Heather Collins, Sam Zurlinden and Jazmyne Maxwell

May 5, 2023

Class of 2023: The Dr. Mom Squad, COVID Crisis Edition

First-person essays by Sam Zurlinden, Sharon Daley, Jazmyne Maxwell and Heather Collins, all of whom were simultaneously mothers and NC State veterinary students. 

Gabe Steinman with his father and grandfather, both veterinarians

May 3, 2023

Class of 2023: Ask for Dr. Steinman and Three Men Might Answer

A first-person essay by Gabe Steinman, who after graduation will be joining his grandfather and father at Salisbury Animal Hospital northeast of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Dr. Marine Traverson displays a 3D printed model to a student while working with a dog.

May 1, 2023

Class of 2023: How a COVID Cancellation Led to Fateful Fallout

A first-person essay by Abby Cox Laws, who after graduation will be a small animal rotating intern at Colorado State University.