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Equine Health

A horse getting a standing CT scan

Apr 12, 2023

NC State’s New Standing CT a Game-Changer for Equine Care

In its continuous quest to offer the best of veterinary care, the NC State Veterinary Hospital has installed standing CT equipment that allows our equine experts to scan the heads and throat latches of horses without having to put the animals under general anesthesia. “Horses are big animals, and recovery from anesthesia is a big event… 

Feb 16, 2021

Gonzalez Named NC State University Faculty Scholar

Liara Gonzalez is behind some of the most innovative research coming out of the CVM in recent years, using large animal models to translate findings into treatments for both humans and animals. 

CVM horses

Feb 15, 2021

Study: ‘Stealthy’ Stem Cells Better for Treating Tendon Injuries in Horses

The research could simplify the stem cell treatment process for ligament and tendon injuries in horses, and may also have implications for human stem cell therapies. 


Feb 3, 2021

Gilger Awarded Prestigious Ocular Medicine Fellowship

Professor of Ophthalmology Brian Gilger is just the second-ever veterinarian to receive the honor. 

vet walks horse

Dec 10, 2020

NC State Equine Ph.D. Student Bayless Named AAEP Fellow

The grant will support Rosemary Bayless’ research into innovative treatment approaches for inflammation in horses. 

horse with foal

Dec 2, 2020

NC State DVM Student Tufts Awarded Zoetis/Foundation for the Horse Equine Scholarship

The scholarship honors veterinary students for academic excellence, leadership and dedication to equine medicine. 

Brian Gilger examines horse's eye

Nov 13, 2020

NC State Veterinary Medicine’s Gilger Receives Distinguished Alumnus Award

Brian Gilger, who received the honor from Auburn University, has made invaluable contributions to the understanding and treatment of equine ocular disease. 

Fall foliage on the CVM campus

Oct 29, 2020

NC State Veterinary Medicine News and Updates, October 2020

Diversity and inclusion series, a new scholarship endowment and more from a busy month at the CVM. 

barn with dramatic sunset

Oct 22, 2020

NC State Veterinary Students Earn Equine Scholarships

Two members of the CVM class of 2021 have been honored with scholarships from the Foundation for the Horse. 

Alex Grobman

Sep 23, 2020

Annable Scholar Explores New Ways to Help Others

Alex Grobman has been able to focus a lot of her time on horses at the CVM as president of the equine club and a volunteer with Horseman’s Youth Day.