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Animal Care

The Oath, Spring 2022

red wolf pups with mother

For more than two decades, the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine has been caring for critically endangered red wolves.

In the latest edition of The Oath, the college’s bi-yearly magazine, we celebrate the college’s ongoing role at the center of the nationwide effort to repopulate the red wolf, the world’s most endangered canid species. We provide medical care, conduct research and tend our own wolves.

We also tell you about the students, called the Carnivore Conservation Crew, who care for the Wolfpack wolf pack on a daily basis.

Come June, there will be a new play area called Ready Set Vet at Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh. We detail our partnership with the museum and the reimagined area that should expand not only knowledge about what veterinarians do but also dreams about who can be one.

Also in this issue, we highlight our live learning lab, also known as the Teaching Animal Unit, which puts extraordinary experiences right at students’ fingertips. 

On the research front, we report on a breakthrough in osteoarthritis pain in cats and on the likelihood that pig-hauling vehicles contribute to how viruses spread. In addition, we offer a story on how cancer research at the college helped prolong the life of a bunny named Louise.

And in her first letter as dean of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, Kate Meurs details what she loves about the college’s culture.