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Burgetta Eplin Wheeler

Kacie loved exploring the cat rooms in the NC State Veterinary Hospital during her time in the intensive care unit. The nasogastric feeding tube inserted into her nose gave her vital nutrients during her hospital stay.

Aug 31, 2023

Summer News and Updates: A Season of Groundbreaking Research and Lifesaving Care

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine continues to have a huge impact on our community, from research into dog dementia to opportunities for law enforcement officers to learn about equine abuse.  

Archer Seaman was the first cat enrolled in the study in April 2021. Danielle Seaman calls this treatment life-changing.

Aug 29, 2023

Study’s Cystitis Remedy so Effective that NC State Ready to Offer Treatment to Cats

Data is pending on the study's final cat, treated with low-dose radiotherapy last month, but the researchers say every other cat has shown improvement, with most never having another episode of cystitis. 

Dr. Josh Stern will lead research at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

Aug 10, 2023

NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Welcomes New Head of Research

“I'm incredibly fortunate to return to NC State where I spent the most formative years of my training and to have the opportunity to join such a talented group of faculty members and industry leaders,” he says. 

Dr. Ashlee Canty and her pup are happy to be back with the Pack

Aug 7, 2023

Veterinary College Welcomes NC State Alum as Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine has named Dr. Ashlee Canty, director of equity initiatives at the Hunt Institute for education policy in Raleigh, as the new director of the college’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.   

Maya Hurley with Capital City Animal Control, a division of the Raleigh Police Department, listens to Dr. Allison West explain what concerning signs to look for in a horse.

Aug 1, 2023

Helping Horses: NC State Hosts Training on Handling, Assessing Animals in Potential Danger

The all-day event, organized by the Humane Society of the United States with the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and the Raleigh Police Department as partners, drew more than 30 officers from across North Carolina. 

Dr. Natasha Olby is world-renowned for her research into aging dogs.

Jul 17, 2023

NC State’s Olby Wins 2023 AVMA Career Achievement in Canine Research Award

Dr. Natasha Olby, the Dr. Kady M. Gjessing and Rahna M. Davidson Distinguished Chair in Gerontology at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, is the 2023 winner of the AVMA Career Achievement in Canine Research Award. 

Dr. Paula Cray is the new director of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine's Global Health Program.

Jun 29, 2023

Cray Takes Reins of NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s Global Health Program

Dr. Paula Cray is the new director of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s Global Health Program, whose mission is to examine global issues and advance knowledge in ways that improve human health, animal health and the environment. 

Haley Johnson says, "I would recommend to anyone thinking about going to a new city for a summer experience that they should definitely take the opportunity to see a new place. ... Make sure you get out and live life!"

Jun 14, 2023

From Johns Hopkins, Haley Johnson Reports on Alzheimer’s Research

Students at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine have access to all kinds of internships, externships and research experiences during their four years of school. This summer, several students will be sharing some of what they're doing and learning in real time. 

Dr. Mike Nolan shares some of his radiation oncology knowledge with Briana Horne-Reid, a second-year DVM student at NC State, and Savannah S. Simon, a second-year veterinary student at Tuskegee University in Alabama.

Jun 13, 2023

Immersive Oncology: NC State Hopes New Clinical Experience Broadens Understanding, Horizons

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine has launched a new program designed to help first- and second-year veterinary students from universities across the country explore important medical specialties they could pursue as careers. 

Assisted by two female vet techs, a light brown horse is guided into a CT machine.

Jun 6, 2023

For Vinny, NC State’s Standing Equine CT Provides a Clear Win Against Infection

When an X-ray of Vinny the chestnut horse’s head proved inconclusive, NC State's new equine CT machine provided a helpful new perspective.