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Animal Care

The Oath, Fall 2022

The Chin Family
The Chin family with Max at the beach over Christmas 2021

At the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, we are life-changers. In this edition of the Oath magazine, we show you how spectacularly we build on that foundational truth and become life-savers – both locally and globally. 

For instance, Ke Cheng, the Randall B. Terry Jr. Distinguished Professor in Regenerative Medicine at NC State, led a research team that discovered how to create a COVID-19 vaccine that can be stored at room temperature and self-administered with an inhaler, a potentially game-changing development.

With its first-ever research grant from the federal USAID program, the college also is leading an interdisciplinary poultry project in Ethiopia that could lead to healthier chickens and better nourished children. The project could be a model for how to address food insecurity and end starvation deaths elsewhere.

Then there’s Max, a critically ill family dog that benefited from our exceptional expertise in nephrology and urology, a field that has grown so much in complexity and vision that the AVMA American Board of Veterinary Specialities elevated it to specialty college status. Our Dr. Shelly Vaden is president-elect of the new speciality college.

And Winston, a cockapoo who is back to playing hide and go seek the ball with his family only because of a string of unlikely circumstances that included our internal medicine resident Katie Anderson’s determinedly digging into medical literature about children to look for a diagnosis.

Being life-changers is good. Being life-savers is even better.