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turtle's beak stabilized using buttons and elastic

Aug 16, 2017

A Novel Solution for an Injured Turtle

The term “beakistry” sounds like it could be one of the dark arts worthy of inclusion in a novel by Stephen King, the master of the horror genre, but it isn’t. It’s a term to describe a form of dentistry applied to animals with beaks, like birds and turtles. Turtles like Stephen King. Now, don’t… 

Lucky the dog

Aug 1, 2017

One Lucky Dog

Life in Lucky’s world was fine until he developed lameness in his right hind leg. Initial examinations by private veterinarians indicated a possible osteosarcoma: bone cancer... 

Erin Lashnits

Jul 17, 2017

Shedding Light on an Emerging Infectious Disease

A new research project answers lingering questions about Bartonella and Bartonellosis... 

Michele Wrath with Mary Kate

Jul 12, 2017

Extraordinary Teamwork

A 6-year-old female Dalmatian has come out a winner thanks to quick thinking and teamwork by clinicians... 

diagram of heart patch

Jun 26, 2017

News and Updates, June 2017

Highlights cover key events; faculty, staff, and student accomplishments; and other CVM news... 

vet check horse eye

Jun 23, 2017

June CVM Research Roundup

A look at some of the newest published studies coming out of the CVM... 

thumper the cat in wheel cart

Jun 19, 2017

Engineering a New Life for Thumper

Replacing rear legs with wheelchair devices is increasingly common in companion animals, but doing so with the delicate front legs of cats is particularly difficult... 

What Causes Canine Flu?

Jun 15, 2017

Canine Influenza: Know the Facts

Think of kennel cough and canine influenza as you do colds and flu in people. The best prevention against any infection is avoiding exposure, we should always be cautious when our dogs are around other dogs. Good practices include... 

Joanne Intile

Jun 13, 2017

Extraordinary Purpose: Taking the Fear Out of Cancer

Joanne Intile, who recently joined the CVM as clinical assistant professor, talked to us about her interesting road to specializing in oncology, her passion for writing about veterinary medicine and more... 

veterinarians in surgery

Jun 4, 2017

Veterinary Medicine’s Masked Heroes

For the soft tissue and oncologic surgery service, breadth of cases is the daily norm