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Tara Harrison

An anesthesiologist dressed in green scrubs works to intubate a brown horse as two students assist her.

Dec 5, 2023

‘My Favorite Part of NC State’s Curriculum’: Selectives Set Up CVM Students For Excellence

During a two-week mini-term after final exams, the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s students explore their interests within animal medicine through hands-on, specialized classes. 

Dr. Tal Ben-Horin and PhD student Zakir Bulmer relocate a set of oyster bags from CMAST to Core Sound as part of a study into the disease resistance of different genetic lines of oysters.

Nov 14, 2023


In the 40 years since the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine dedicated its main facility, the college has repaid the state’s continuing investment by becoming a generator of graduates schooled in the latest cutting-edge care and a hub of transformative research into animal and translational medicine. Though the full impact of each veterinarian’s legacy is… 

A brunette female veterinarian wearing a black shirt stands in front of a flamingo enclosure at a zoo.

Oct 26, 2023

Veterinary Medicine, Done ‘Taylor’s Way’

The Greensboro Science Center’s new head veterinarian Dr. Taylor Gregory, an NC State alumna, has taken an unconventional route through her early career but one that's proudly her own. 

turtle being treated with acupuncture and cold laser therapy

Feb 28, 2022

NC State Veterinary Medicine News and Updates, Feb. 2022

A look at news and unique stories from the College of Veterinary Medicine for Feb. 2022. 

rabbit on exam table

Feb 10, 2022

Cancer Treatment Fund Helps Save Beloved Bunny

Louise the bunny received life-saving treatment from the NC State Veterinary Medicine team, for a tumor in her nostril, thanks to Petco Love and the Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Fund. 

female veterinarian looking at penguin

Jan 11, 2022

No Pay Gap For Female Zoo Vets, but Children Perceived as Career Hindrance

For female veterinarians who want to specialize in zoological work, a new CVM-led study on family work and income holds both good and bad news. 


Nov 12, 2021

Coyotes in the Raleigh Area: What You Need to Know

Heard or seen a coyote lately? Here's insight on going on and what pet owners should know about the risk of a coyote encounter. 

Kaleb the bearded dragon

Apr 21, 2021

NC State Team Publishes Groundbreaking Bearded Dragon Cancer Study

In the first study of its kind, an NC State Veterinary Hospital team studied a group of five bearded dragons treated for leukemia. 

Cancer research Kenya

Jun 19, 2020

NC State CVM-Led Cancer Database Changes the Game for Exotic Pets and Wildlife

The CVM's Tara Harrison is the only veterinarian on a team that traveled to Kenya to investigate cancer in wild animals, an extension of her exotic species and wildlife oncology research. 

blue gloves cleaning big tiger teeth

Nov 12, 2019

Wild Things: 30 Years of Zoological Medicine at the CVM

30 years ago, the CVM changed the way zoological medicine was practiced and taught. Today, it remains an unmatched force in the field.