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Steve Volstad

Anni Bond with Gremlin the cat

Aug 18, 2016

An Investment in Feline Health

A clinical trial to test arthritis in cats inspired Anni Bond to pledge her support to advance feline health... 

Sheri snider

Aug 3, 2016

A Place of Comfort

Sheri Snider, a long-time volunteer for and supporter of the veterinary hospital, has learned a lot about the phenomenon of the human-animal bond. Read her inspiring story of transforming sorrow into hope... 

Laura Johnson, class of 2017

Jul 21, 2016

Johnson’s Winning Essay Remembers “The Gentle Doctor”

The Gentle Doctor is a sculpture depicting a concerned veterinarian in a lab coat holding and quietly comforting a sick puppy while a mother dog sits at his feet looking up expectantly... 

Griffin and Walter Shepherd with a photo of Starla

Jul 21, 2016

Starla’s Lasting Impact

Thanks to the diagnosis and treatment Starla received, Walter says that he, Griffin and Starla were able to have eight more months together before the condition became too much. His contribution might help other pets and their owners... 

Tara Harrison examines Puff the duck

Jul 7, 2016

Friends for Life

Recently, Puff began to show signs of distress, and a trip to the local veterinarian revealed that Puff was egg-bound -- developing an egg, but unable to pass it, a potentially life-threatening situation... 

Major Amie Pflaum

Jun 28, 2016

Tillman Scholar’s High-Flying Dreams Land at NC State

Major Amie Pflaum, (class of 2020), is a Blackhawk helicopter pilot with plans to become a public health veterinarian in the United States Army specializing in humanitarian missions in the developing world... 

Sea turtle receiving eye exam

Jun 13, 2016

Making Kayak Ship Shape

Kayak had mature cataracts in both eyes that were so advanced it was impairing her vision severely, making everything a blur. Cataracts can form as a result of trauma, poor nutrition, or excessive... 

doctor holding baby goat

Jun 1, 2016

Amazing Grace: World Class Survivor

Large animal intern Sarah Blackwell was on duty when little Grace was admitted to the Equine and Farm Animal Veterinary Center at NC State Veterinary Hospital. “She was comatose and unresponsive,” Dr. Blackwell recalls... 

Dean Lunn presents awards of excellence

May 29, 2016

NC State Veterinary Medicine Presents 2016 Awards for Excellence

The NC State University Award for Excellence is the most prestigious honor given to non-faculty staff members in recognition of performance above and beyond the requirements of...