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NC State Veterinary Medicine Presents 2016 Awards for Excellence

Dean Lunn presents awards of excellence
Dean Paul Lunn presents the 2016 Awards of Excellence

The NC State University Award for Excellence is the most prestigious honor given to non-faculty staff members in recognition of performance above and beyond the requirements of the job. Recently, four NC State Veterinary Medicine staff members were presented with 2016 Awards for Excellence at a ceremony on the Green Commons, and their names will be placed in consideration for the University-wide Award for Excellence.  Each winner will receive eight hours of paid time off and a $250 check.  Recipients are also honored at the NC State University Awards for Excellence ceremony, where five individuals will be selected for the NC State University Awards for Excellence.[feature_title color=”black”]About the Winners: [/feature_title]

Jeannine Moga, Veterinary Hospital Counselor

Jeannine Moga
Jeannine Moga

Her nomination in the category of Human Relations includes the following highlights:  “In the eyes of Jeannine Moga, everyone at the CVM is part of the care team. The care team is the CVM community through which we care for our patients, our clients, our students, and each other. Every interaction matters, every smile and nod add to our personal resilience while promoting our well-being at work that carries into our well-being at home and in the community. … Understanding that as the CVM grows, it is harder to maintain connections, it seems especially important to recognize Jeannine as a connector and acknowledge how her ongoing efforts to build community touch our lives and make the CVM a better place to work.”

Valerie Ball, Veterinary Hospital Medical Records Manager

Valerie Ball
Valerie Ball

Nominated in the category of Outstanding State Government Service, among the points made on her behalf were: “Not a day goes by that she is not helping another person learn something new. It is a pleasure to learn from her with her vast knowledge of not only medical records, but also about the history of NC State … As a supervisor, Valerie is very professional with her staff and takes great pride in how her department is run. She is a role model to others. … Valerie is also preparing another generation to go forward and pursue a career in her field. As our department acquires new students, she spends numerous hours working with them, so they can experience all the aspects of our work day.  … Valerie not only dedicates herself to her job, she is also extremely active in many other projects,” particularly including a long list of activities related to promoting diversity and inclusion, and a host of other voluntary activities designed to promote enhanced campus life.

Brandon Moore, Veterinary Hospital Purchasing and Inventory Manager

Brandon Moore accepts the Award of Excellence from Dean Paul Lunn
Brandon Moore accepts the Award of Excellence from Dean Paul Lunn

In his nomination in the category of Customer Service, examples of his qualifications included these statements: “Brandon Moore epitomizes Service Excellence in his role as the Purchasing and Inventory Manager for the NC State Veterinary Hospital at the College of Veterinary Medicine. He ensures the Hospital has the supplies, instruments, surgical implants, equipment and medications we need for our patients to get the medical treatment they need to get well. He does this with a smile and a passion for getting you what you need before you even realize you need it!”  Two examples cited said “When we were unable to obtain sterile water for injection due to a manufacturer backorder, Brandon contacted every medical supply company in the area and personally drove to Zebulon once he located some to pick it up, “ and “When a package of dialysis supplies was mistakenly refused for weekend delivery at our Emergency desk, Brandon obtained the order and tracking information from the medicine technician and drove to the FedEx warehouse to pick up the package so it was available for the patient to have their treatment on Monday.”

Kirk Nuss, Scheduling Coordinator, Student Services

Kirk Nuss assists class of 2016 graduates.
Kirk Nuss assisting class of 2016 graduates.

In addition to his generally high level of commitment to customer service and his willingness to take the initiative to meet internal challenges, he was nominated for the Outstanding State Government Service Award for the following reason:  “In summer 2015, three of the five employees in Students Services left to pursue higher paying jobs. This represented an enormous exodus of talent and institutional memory. … he made a carefully considered decision to stay at the CVM and help us rebuild student services. In addition to his usual duties, Kirk had to …

  • Learn and then lead the registration and orientation process for our 25 offshore students.
  • Serve on the search committee and help the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and the Director of Student Services rebuild Student Services in manner that would be more sustainable for the future.
  • Serve as point person for people entering student services. With the reduced manpower, Kirk and Jeff Huckel, the director, were required to handle all of the walk in requests that occur through the day.”

All this was in addition to his regular day-to-day responsibilities.

Nineteen staff members were nominated in total, and while these staff members have been recognized for their exceptional service, their dedication and commitment represents the goal of everyone at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.

[highlight color=”gray”][feature_title color=”black”] Award Nominees: [/feature_title][one_half]

  • Allison Crouch – Human Relations
  • Jeannine Moga – Human Relations
  • Tiffany Pridgen – Efficiency & Innovation
  • Valerie Ball – Outstanding State Government Service
  • Chris Bettini – Customer Service
  • Wendy Brackett – Customer Service
  • Jennifer Fuller – Customer Service
  • Kendra Gardner – Outstanding State Government Service
  • Heather Hopkinson – Human Relations
  • Gayle Jacobs – Customer Service



  • Liz Lorang – Efficiency & Innovation
  • Gwendolyn McKeever – Human Relations
  • Brandon Moore – Customer Service
  • Kirk Nuss – Outstanding State Government Service
  • Kent Passingham – Efficiency & Innovation
  • Kristen Price – Outstanding State Government Service
  • Jenna Schirmer – Efficiency & Innovation
  • Lena Smith – Efficiency & Innovation
  • Christine Whitley – Efficiency & Innovation