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Feb 5, 2013

James S. Guy (Faculty)

Dr. James Guy is the initial recipient of the Dr. Charles Beard Research Excellence Award. Dr. Beard, the former director of the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory and former vice president of research at U.S. Poultry, presented the namesake award to Dr. Guy at a meeting of the International Poultry Scientific Forum during the Jan. 29-31 International Production &… 

Mar 5, 2012

David H. Ley (Faculty)

Dr. David H. Ley is the recipient of the Phibro Animal Health Excellence in Poultry Research Award for 2012 presented by the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP). Sponsored by the Phibro Animal Health Corporation, this honor recognizes “sustained excellence in research in poultry disease and health” during a period of 20 years or more. Dr. Ley received the… 

Sep 5, 2010

H. John Barnes (Faculty)

Dr. John Barnes, Raleigh, N.C., is the 2010 recipient of the Kansas State University Veterinary Medical Alumni Association, Recognition Award for the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention. The alumni award was presented Aug. 2, 2010 at the annual convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association in Atlanta. 

Jul 5, 2008

H. John Barnes (Faculty)

The 12th Edition of Diseases of Poultry (Blackwell Publishing) was debuted at the July 2008 AAAP meeting, and is dedicated to Dr. H. John Barnes, for his service and contributions as Associate Editor of Diseaese of Poultry for the 8th thru 11th editions (1984 – 2003). 

Mar 5, 2008

Isabel M. Gimeno (Faculty)

The  Bayer-Snoeyenbos New Investigator Award is presented annually to a member or associate member of AAAP whose career as an independent investigator in poultry medicine began less than seven years ago and who during this time has made meritorious research contributions to the avian field. The spirit of the award is to recognize new and upcoming investigators.… 

Mar 5, 2008

James S. Guy (Faculty)

The P.P. Levine Award is presented each year to the senior author of the best paper published in Avian Diseases, as determined by the AAAP Awards Committee. This award is named for Dr. P.P. Levine, the founder and first editor of Avian Diseases. The journal was first published in May 1957 from Cornell University, where Dr. Levine earned his…