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Aug 20, 2021

Varying Immune Cell Levels in Canine Brain Tumors Could Provide Therapeutic Targets

The research, the most extensive examination of immune cell infiltration in canine glioma to date, adds to the body of evidence that these brain tumors might recruit cells that aid in immunosuppression. 

Ilustration of mRNA

Aug 11, 2021

‘Frameshifting’ Therapy for Mast Cell Cancers Reduces Size, Spread

A potential new cancer treatment reduces the number of mast cells by “mutating” the messenger RNA before it can deliver instructions for manufacturing the gene responsible for cell proliferation. 


Apr 28, 2021

NC State Veterinary Medicine Research Roundup, April 2021

Fighting infectious disease in pigs, uncovering the behavior of tumors and more of the latest published research from the CVM. 

Mike Nolan

Jan 12, 2021

NC State Clinical Trial Testing Promising Canine Osteosarcoma Treatment

The trial at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is testing a new drug designed to enhance radiation therapy. 


Nov 17, 2020

Cancer Surgery at NC State Protects Remarkable Bond With Beloved Rabbit

Joslin Rosa-Rios and her pet rabbit, Fluffy, are inseparable. Clinical expertise and financial assistance for cancer surgery ensures it stays that way. 


Jun 23, 2020

Patient Spotlight: A Special Chemotherapy Approach for Rosie the Goat

As another important chapter in the many adventures of Rosie’s life, her care at the NC State Veterinary Hospital is now documented in the children’s book that bares her name. 

Cancer research Kenya

Jun 19, 2020

NC State CVM-Led Cancer Database Changes the Game for Exotic Pets and Wildlife

The CVM's Tara Harrison is the only veterinarian on a team that traveled to Kenya to investigate cancer in wild animals, an extension of her exotic species and wildlife oncology research. 

Roger White, Ashley White's father, with Bo

Sep 24, 2019

A Big Break for Little Bo

One look at Bo, a tiny ball of white fur with two soft dark eyes and a bit of pink tongue peeking out, and it’s easy to understand Ashley White’s devotion to him. And it’s easy to understand why discovering his serious illness was particularly gut-wrenching. The 10-year-old Maltese is sweet enough to soften the… 

Otter the cat with owners

Sep 9, 2019

Improving the Odds for a Cat Named Otter

When Caramel, a cat owned by Melissa Tran and her boyfriend, Jeremy Mey, had a litter of eight kittens in 2010, things didn’t go smoothly. It was a difficult delivery, with some of the kittens being stillborn. Tran thought that one of the tiny survivors, a female, seemed to resemble an otter as she lay… 

Pet rabbit prepares to receive radiation oncology treatment. Photo by Nathan Latil/NC State Veterinary Medicine

Jul 11, 2016

NC State CVM Receives $350,000 Cancer Treatment Grant From the Petco Foundation

Covered species include birds, fish, reptiles and small mammals, such as guinea pigs and rabbits...