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NC State CVM Receives $350,000 Cancer Treatment Grant From the Petco Foundation

Pet rabbit prepares to receive radiation oncology treatment. Photo by Nathan Latil/NC State Veterinary Medicine

The Petco Foundation has awarded a three-year grant totaling $350,000 to the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine for the purpose of covering cancer treatment costs for small companion animals receiving care from the NC State Veterinary Hospital.  Covered species include birds, fish, reptiles and small mammals, such as guinea pigs and rabbits.

The funds will be used to subsidize the treatment expenses for pet owners who lack the means to pay the costs without assistance.

NC State has a longstanding reputation for being a global leader in veterinary cancer care and comparative oncology research.  This includes a state-of-the-art facility for small animal specialty medicine that sees approximately 30,000 patients a year.  Three divisions — Medical Oncology, Soft Tissue and Oncologic Surgery, and Radiation Oncology — work together to provide oncologic care and cancer treatment to all species, including less traditional pets and exotic animals.  This busy, expanding service saw over 800 cases in 2015, with a significant increase anticipated in 2016. This grant will support direct assistance for a minimum of 75 to 100 cases over the next three years.

“With cancer being the number one disease-related cause of pet death, this is an issue which truly hits home for a number of pet families,” said Susanne Kogut, executive director of the Petco Foundation. “This year, we are particularly encouraged by the inspiring work that our grant recipients are doing at universities, research centers and foundations across the country to help support pets and families impacted by this disease.”

The Petco Foundation, in partnership with the Blue Buffalo Foundation, has invested some $9 million in support of pet cancer treatment and research since 2010.

About the Petco Foundation

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