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Animal Care

October News and Updates: Our Expertise is Showing

Stay up to date on how the people from the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine are being recognized for their research and their work.

Dr. Natasha Olby
Dr. Natasha Olby

In the Spotlight

Dogs’ risk of dementia increases by half every year

Natasha Olby, clinician scientist and gerontology expert, was a source for National Geographic’s story on the risk of dementia in dogs. “The beauty of this is that we can validate hands-on observations coming in from people via questionnaires,” she says. “We are finding great synergy between our groups.”

Women tackling the challenges of the veterinary profession

Dean Kate Meurs
Dean Kate Meurs

Dean Kate Meurs was one of three female deans of colleges of veterinary medicine to offer thoughts on how to tackle the challenges of the veterinary profession. Challenges include a veterinarian shortage, and it’s a burden that falls on women, with female students dominating vet school classes and making up a dominant and growing number of practicing animal physicians, BizWomen says.

Real talk with our Latinx students

We celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month by sitting down with a group of NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Latinx students to talk aspirations, cultural celebration and the next generation.

Faculty and Staff

Lascelles’ groundbreaking pain research rewarded 

Dr. Duncan Lascelles, left

The Kennel Club UK recognized Duncan Lascelles, professor of Comparative and Translational Pain Research and Management, and his innovative work in pain with the prestigious International Achievement Award. Lascelles has spent more than 25 years working to develop better ways to measure chronic pain in dogs and to identify the best courses of treatment. The club said: “Through discovery of the drivers of pain, meticulously refining the optimal therapeutic approaches and assessing the effectiveness of drug and non-drug pain management in clinical studies, Dr Lascelles has contributed hugely to improving the health and welfare of our beloved canine companions.”

American Society for Microbiology recognizes Callahan

Benjamin Callahan, assistant professor of Microbiomes and Complex Microbial Communities in the Population Health and Pathobiology department, received the 2022 Microbiome Data Prize from the American Society for Microbiology. The awards recognize leading scientists and researchers in the field for their professional accomplishments and contributions to research, education, clinical laboratories, service and scientific diversity.

People + Animals + Earth = One Health

Dr. Sid Thakur

NC State University has launched the Global One Health Academy in the Office of University Interdisciplinary Programs to take advantage of the university’s strengths in agriculture, plant health, veterinary medicine and domestic animal health and build on them in one place. Dr. Sid Thakur, a professor of Molecular Epidemiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine, will be the executive director of the academy, which will further strengthen collaboration among faculty, staff and students across colleges and units.