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NC State Veterinary Medicine News & Updates, May 2021

Oath and Hooding class of 2021
Photo by John Joyner/NC State Veterinary Medicine.

Dean Lunn to Step Down

Lunn, who has led the CVM since 2012 will leave in January to lead his alma mater, the University of Liverpool’s School of Veterinary Science.

Faculty and Staff

  • Dean Paul Lunn appointed to the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority’s Racetrack Safety Standing Committee.
  • Edward Breitschwerdt talks with JAVMA about the threat of bartonellosis and the work to understand and eradicate it.
  • Benjamin Callahan, Liara Gonzalez and Tobias Kaeser selected for NC State’s inaugural Goodnight Early Career Innovators class.
  • A first-of-its-kind study led by Margaret Gruen and Duncan Lascelles is attempting to answer if dog breeds differ in pain sensitivity.
  • The NC State Veterinary Hospital exotics team treats Haddie, a Malayan tapir from the Virginia Zoo.
  • Greg Lewbart talks about how the exotics team headed four case studies where non-surgical attempts were made to remove golf balls from the digestive tracts of snakes.
  • Emergency clinical veterinarian Teresa Lehnhardt talks with WRAL about what pet owners should know about some potentially dangerous common household items.

In the Spotlight

Go behind the scenes at the class of 2021’s graduation through this collection of photos from the Oath and Hooding ceremony.

Students and Alumni

  • The class of 2025’s Nichol Henderson graduates at the top of her class at NC State.
  • Students, faculty and staff earn honors at the 37th annual CVM awards.
  • 1996 graduate and adjunct professor Sandra Strong named director of Orange County Animal Services.
  • The class of 2024’s Claire Ludwig and Amy Ward talk about how NC State’s Park Scholarship is helping to support their CVM Studies.
  • The class of 2021’s Irina Perdew selected as one of NC State Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs’ “Women to Watch.”