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NC State CVM Students Win National Dairy Skills Challenge

student feeding calf

A team of first-year students from the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine took home first place during a dairy challenge at this year’s Zoetis-Ohio State Food Animal Medicine Student Symposium.

The NC State team of Alexandra Fitton, Amanda Sautner, Aimee Sink and Jennifer Vrabel took home the top honors while competing against first- through third-year vet students from across the country.

First-year students from the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine are big winners at dairy challenge.

The Merck Veterinary Dairy Challenge, held last Friday, tests student knowledge of dairy practices and farm management. Teams visited farms were later judged by a panel during a presentation that evaluated the farm’s operations, including proper nutrition approaches, housing and milk production.

The annual student symposium, held this past weekend, features lectures and activities covering aspects of food animal production and aquaculture.

For more information on the symposium, go here.