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March News and Updates: Overwhelming Success for Day of Giving and Open House

Stay up to date on how the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is having a huge impact on our community, from our mobile hospital to our day of welcoming the world onto our campus. 

Fourth-year student Francess Blake intubates a feral cat on the mobile hospital.
Fourth-year student Francess Blake intubates a feral cat on the mobile hospital.

In the Spotlight

ALL ABOARD! The NC State Mobile Veterinary Hospital frequently travels around the state to help communities with spaying and neutering feral and waiting-to-be-adopted animals. The hospital, directed by Dr. Kelli Ferris, recently spent a day sterilizing feral cats at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Animal Rescue Center, giving fourth-year students a chance to work on their surgery skills during a nonstop whir of learning, doing and cooing.

Watch the video here:

Open House visitors check out a small horse.
Open House visitors check out a small horse.

OPEN HOUSE 2023. The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine revived its popular Open House after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Community members by the hundreds strolled through the halls of the hospital, health and wellness center and research building and along the paths to food trucks, the horse corral and a cow-milking station, among other treats.

Kelly Meiklejohn, assistant professor of forensic science in the College of Veterinary Medicine, worked on the project.

‘RADICALLY INTERDISCIPLINARY.’  An NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Humanities and Social Sciences team has mined genetic clues from old parchment manuscripts, uncovering traces of the past hidden in books. The work offers NC State University the chance to shape the emerging field of biocodicology.

TAKING PROBIOTICS? Not all are created equal. In a new study, researchers found that certain enzymes within a class known as bile salt hydrolases can restrict C. diff. colonization by both altering existing bile acids and by creating a new class of bile acids within the gut’s microbial environment. The work could lead to “designer” probiotics that protect against disease by introducing specific BSHs to the gut after antibiotic treatment.

Lakhia Fuller
Lakhia Fuller

LEADING THE WAY: For Women’s History Month, NC State University highlighted three leaders, including College of Veterinary Medicine student Lakhia Fuller, to learn about the challenges they face, the joys they find in their work and the marks they hope to make on the world. 

Faculty and Staff

Teaching Animal Unit Clinical Veterinarian Allison West checks in on the new kids and calves at the TAU.

NEW AT THE TAU: Taking its beloved Teaching Animal Unit to the next level of excellence, the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine has created the role of clinical veterinarian for the unit and the Reedy Creek Equine Farm. Allison West, most recently an ambulatory large animal veterinarian in Sanford, North Carolina, is on the job.

Derek Foster, associate professor of ruminant medicine; Stefanie LaJuett, a lead registered veterinary technician and trainer; Laura Nelson, associate dean and director of Academic Affairs; Regina Schoenfeld, professor and course coordinator for the clinical reasoning series in the DVM curriculum and editor-in-chief for the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education; Katie Sheats, associate professor of Equine Primary Care and incoming director of Distributive and Extramural Education; and Jesse Watson, director of Curriculum and Educator Development.

EXCEPTIONAL. The new Academy of Veterinary Educators has chosen six NC State Veterinary Medicine experts to be founding members of the academy’s distinguished expert cohort. NC State representatives make up nearly a quarter of the 26-member panel.

Donors and Support

A horse getting a standing CT scan
A horse getting a standing CT scan that was acquired through generous donations.

DAY OF GIVING 2023: Thanks to the outpouring of support from our veterinary medicine community, NC State’s 2023 Day of Giving was the most successful ever for the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.


Lisa Becton, Emily Mahan-Riggs, Don Banks and Hunter Everett

WAY TO GO! The American Association of Swine Veterinarians recognized two NC State College of Veterinary Medicine alums at its 2023 conference. Dr. Emily Mahan-Riggs, CVM class of 2017, won the $10,000 AASV Hogg Scholarship. Dr. Lisa Becton, CVM class of 1994, was given the Technical Services/Allied Industry Veterinarian of the Year Award.