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CVM Researcher Awarded Immunology Fellowship

Alix Berg
CVM postdoctoral research scholar Alix Berglund.

Alix Berglund, a postdoctoral research scholar at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, has received a Careers in Immunology Fellowship from the American Association of Immunologists.

The fellowship awards a primary investigator a year of salary support for a trainee in their lab. Berglund and Lauren Schnabel, CVM associate professor of equine surgery, were one of 24 mentor-trainee pairs around the world awarded the fellowship this year.

They are the only representatives from a veterinary school among this year’s honorees.

Berglund’s research centers on using stem cells to treat inflammatory and musculoskeletal injuries in horses. She is particularly focused on making donor stem cells more reliable for use in equine therapies.

Berglund earned a Ph.D. from the CVM’s comparative biomedical sciences program in 2018.