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Awards and Honors

College Gathers to Celebrate All-Stars at 39th Annual Awards Banquet

Dean Kate Meurs
Dean Kate Meurs welcomes those attending the awards banquet

The CVM community gathered for the 2023 Awards Banquet in Talley Student Union on Thursday to recognize and celebrate outstanding student achievements.

Dean Kathryn Meurs welcomed attendees and special guests and congratulated members of the Class of 2023 on completing their rigorous training and preparing to enter their chosen profession. Dr. Greg Lewbart served as master of ceremonies.

Find a photo gallery of the event here.

Here is a list of the awards and winners for 2023. A photo gallery of the event will be available here next week. Congratulations to all!

N.C. Veterinary Medical Association Academic Achievement Award: Courtney Hamilton

Joseph L. Grimes Leadership Award: Nia Powell

Friends of NCVMA Foundation Scholarship: Kayley Peters

Jim & Mollie Rasor Leadership Scholarship Award: Lilly Smith

Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Innovation Award:  Abby Cox Laws

Martin Litwack Award for Excellence:  Veronica Schilling

ACVO Ophthalmology Senior Student Award: Maria del Pilar Ortiz Fullana

NCSU Ophthalmology Award: Katy Uribe

ACVIM Clinical Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine Awards: Elise Andreasen; Julia Carlin

Dechra Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine Award:  Kaitlin Daly

DOCS Companion Animal Faculty Clinical Proficiency Awards: Christian Capobianco, Julia Carlin, Nicole Gagnon, Daiannette Lopez

ACVS Small Animal Surgery Award: Baxley Zagaroli

MBS Excellence in Anesthesia Clinical Proficiency Awards: Christian Capobianco, Baxley Zagaroli   

Dechra Excellence in Dermatology Award:  Kaitlin Daly

R.C. Dillman Award for Excellence in Anatomical & Clinical Pathology: Nora Gardner

ACVP Excellence Award: Adriana Villasenor

Law Family Endowed Award for Excellence in Pathology:  Dr. Stephanie Fuetsch, Dr. Chris Gaudette, Dr. Mandy Womble

Dr. Monica Menard Award for Excellence in Veterinary Pathobiological Research: Dr. Mandy Womble

Dr. Greg Lewbart donned beekeeping gear in honor of the first selective this week in the emerging veterinary field.

ACVR Excellence in Clinical Radiology Award:  Nicole Gagnon

NCSU Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Proficiency Award

Recipients:  Radiology – Courtney Hamilton

                 Ultrasound – Morgen Dugan

AAHA Award for Proficiency in Primary Care:  Julia Carlin

Psato Award:  Madison Edwards, Daiannette Lopez, Lily Morgan Hale

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Cardiology Award:  Abby Cox Laws

Bob Rosenthal Oncology Senior Student Award:  Jennifer Piatt

Your Chance Medical Oncology Resident Awards:  Dr. Alexie Baja-Tezak, Dr. Rachel Camiener, Dr. Laura Chadsey, Dr. Alex Gareau

Jake McBee Oncology Resident Award: Dr. Alexie Baja-Tezak, Dr. Laura Chadsey

Association of Feline Practitioners Senior Student Award:  Morgen Dugan

VECCS Award for Proficiency in Emergency & Critical Care:  Morgen Dugan

Dechra Excellence in Equine Sports Medicine Award: Ali Schubert

Dr. Robert Agne Memorial Equine Award: Lizzie Treece

Mat Gerard Award for Excellence in Equine Dentistry: Grace Scott

Equine Health Program Special Focus Award – Anesthesia: Crissy Bass

Whynter Colinson Brownie Equine Award: Dr. Sara Tufts

ACVIM Clinical Excellence in Large Animal Internal Medicine Award: Manrique Miranda Vindas

DOCS Large Animal Clinical Proficiency Awards: Delaney Hoelle, Ethan Williamson

ACVS Large Animal Surgery Award: Lizzie Treece

Donald R. Howard Award for Surgical Excellence: Megan Tyrrell

Theriogenology Clinical Proficiency Award: Ethan Williamson

Leroy Coggins Graduate Fellowship Endowment: Dr. Kimberly Hallowell

Population Health & Pathobiology Faculty Clinical Proficiency Awards

Recipients:  Small Ruminant – Kat Wilhelm

                 Bovine – Michala Brown

Whynter Colinson Brownie Food Animal Award: Dr. Siena Mitman

Hanns-Dieter Alhusen Swine Proficiency Awards: Andrea Sisk, Sydney Simmons

Population Health & Pathobiology Faculty Poultry Proficiency Award: Emily Anne Moore

Award for Excellence in Veterinary Behavior:  Gabriella Zayas Santiago, Samantha Zurlinden

ASLAP Foundation Veterinary Student Award:  Alexis Roach

Clinical Proficiency in Wildlife, Aquatic, Avian & Zoological Medicine                                                         


Proficiency in Zoological Medicine – Christian Capobianco

Proficiency in Aquatic Animal Medicine – Jamie Slater

Proficiency in Exotic Animal Medicine – Noel Pena

Proficiency in Conservation Medicine – Annie Gorges

Proficiency in Reptile and Amphibian Medicine – Lily Morgan Hale

 Proficiency in Wildlife Medicine – Sarah Scott-Cruz

The David Woodward Memorial Award for Excellence in Reptile Medicine and Conservation:  Emi Retter

Joel Kirk Budd, Jr. Award for Companion Animal Diagnosticst:  Abby Cox Laws

Student and House Officer Diversity & Inclusion Awards

Nominees:  Meghan Chung, Gabrielle Elders, Isla Farrow, Manrique Miranda Vindas, Amanda Olivier, Natalia Rosa Padilla, Hannah Wubbenhorst

Recipient:  Raisa Velez Contreras

Sarah Watson Brown Award: Morgen Dugan

Class of 2026 CVM Faculty Award: Dr. Mathew Gerard

Class of 2025 CVM Faculty Award: Dr. Kristin Messenger

Class of 2024 CVM Faculty Award: Dr. Derek Foster  

Class of 2023 CVM Faculty Award: Dr. Jen Halleran

Janice Cofield, right, received a standing ovation while being awarded the Phyllis Edwards Service Award.

Phyllis Edwards Service Award: Janice Cofield

Best VTH Staff Member:  Cathryn Hubbard

Best small animal service-focused technician: Damian Launer

Best small animal wards technician: Gabrielle Crowder

Best small animal intern: Dr. Kristy Williams

Best small animal resident: Dr. Leslie Reed-Jones

Best large animal floor technician: Alexandros Chrysanthou 

Best large animal service-focused technician: Kobi Derks

Best large animal intern: Dr. Siena Mitman

Best large animal resident: Dr. Blanca Camacho

Best large animal faculty member: Dr. Jennifer Halleran

Best Terry Center faculty member: Dr. Karyn Harrell 

Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award: Dr. Mathew Gerard

Dean Kate Meurs congratulates Dr. Mathew Gerard for winning the Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award.