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Student Experience

Celebrating Outstanding Achievements at the 40th Annual Awards Banquet

Two people hugging.
Dr. Amy Stieler Stewart celebrates receiving the Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award with Dr. Mat Gerard during the 40th Annual Awards Banquet on April 18. (Photo by John Joyner)

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine community gathered Thursday night to celebrate outstanding achievements over the past year. Students, faculty, house officers and staff were honored with dozens of awards during the event at Talley Student Union.

Below is a full list of our 2024 winners.

NC Veterinary Medical Association Academic Achievement Award: Claire Ludwig

Joseph L. Grimes Leadership Award: Isla Farrow

Friends of NCVMA Foundation Scholarship: Frank Fialkiewicz

Jim & Mollie Rasor Leadership Scholarship Award: Natalia Rosa Padilla

NCVMA Industry Council Award: Emily Lentz

Martin Litwack Award for Excellence: Meg Mulder

ACVS Small Animal Surgery Award: Natalia Rosa Padilla

Donald R. Howard Award for Surgical Excellence: Jacob Levine

ACVO Ophthalmology Senior Student Award: Jordan Gerras

ACVIM Clinical Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine Awards: Gaby Gonzalez and Claire Ludwig

Kate Meurs at the podium.
Dr. Kate Meurs, dean of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, opened the ceremony by congratulating the Class of 2024. (Photo by John Joyner)

Dechra Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine Award: Kassidy Leon

DOCS Companion Animal Faculty Clinical Proficiency Awards: Joseph Allender, Jaime Calcagno, Gaby Gonzalez and Dominique Stewart

MBS Excellence in Anesthesia Clinical Proficiency Awards: Hannah Lathom and Sierra Thorson

North American Veterinary Anesthesia Society (NAVAS) Student Anesthesia Award: Daric Williams

Dechra Excellence in Dermatology Award: Abby Dallas

R.C. Dillman Award for Excellence in Anatomical and Clinical Pathology: Will Benedict

ACVP Excellence Award: Emma Ferraro

Law Family Endowed Award for Excellence in Pathology:  Dr. Jazz Stephens

Dr. Monica Menard Award for Excellence in Veterinary Pathobiological Research: Dr. Stephanie Fuetsch

ACVR Excellence in Clinical Radiology Award: Raisa Velez Contreras

NCSU Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Proficiency Award:

Radiology – Joshua Wagner

Ultrasound – Frank Fialkiewicz

AAHA Award for Proficiency in Primary Care: McKenna Hilliker

Psato Award: Cassidy Chapman, Natalia Rosa Padilla and Clay Tuttle

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Cardiology Award: Erica Ramaker-Erlandson

Bob Rosenthal Oncology Senior Student Award: Victoria Newberry

Association of Feline Practitioners Senior Student Award: Logan Moore

VECCS Award for Proficiency in Emergency & Critical Care: Frank Fialkiewicz

Foundation Equine Clinic Excellence in Equine Primary Care Award: Ben Herman

Mat Gerard Award for Excellence in Equine Dentistry: Ben Herman

Dechra Excellence in Equine Sports Medicine Award: Bryan Stallings

Dr. Robert Agne Memorial Equine Award: Bryan Stallings

people on a stage getting an award.
Bryan Stallings receives the Dr. Robert Agne Memorial Equine Award during the banquet. (Photo by John Joyner)

Equine Health Program Special Focus Award – Internal Medicine:  Kerry O’Donnell

DOCS Large Animal Clinical Proficiency Awards: Pate Pollard and Payton Smith

ACVS Large Animal Surgery Award: Hannah Lathom

Theriogenology Clinical Proficiency Award: Katie Tyndall

Whynter Colinson Brownie Equine Award: Dr. Erin O’Neil

Leroy Coggins Graduate Fellowship Endowment: Dr. Caroline McKinney-Aguirre

ACVIM Clinical Excellence in Large Animal Internal Medicine Award: Pate Pollard

Population Health and Pathobiology Faculty Clinical Proficiency Awards:

Small Ruminant — Claire Giles

Bovine — Chalise Brown and Payton Smith

Whynter Colinson Brownie Food Animal Award: Dr. Siena Mitman

Hanns-Dieter Alhusen Swine Proficiency Awards: Hunter Everett and Hannah Lathom

Population Health and Pathobiology Faculty Poultry Proficiency Award: Matthew Browning

Award for Excellence in Veterinary Behavior: Megan Gremling

ASLAP Foundation Veterinary Student Award: Bryanna Meredith

A man dressed in a lizard costume.
Dr. Greg Lewbart, serving as master of ceremonies, donned an iguana costume to kickoff the festivities. (Photo by John Joyner)

Clinical Proficiency in Wildlife, Aquatic, Avian and Zoological Medicine:

Proficiency in Invertebrate Medicine – Sabrina Kapp

Proficiency in Zoological Medicine – Ashlyn Heniff

Proficiency in Aquatic Animal Medicine – Kayla Bonadie

Proficiency in Zoological Pathology – Emma Ferraro

Proficiency in Conservation Medicine – Aswini Cherukuri

Proficiency in Reptile and Amphibian Medicine – Rachel Carpenter

Proficiency in Wildlife Medicine – Megan Gremling

WAAZM Spirit Award – Clay Tuttle

The David Woodward Memorial Award for Excellence in Reptile Medicine and Conservation: Samantha Badgett

Joel Kirk Budd, Jr. Award for Companion Animal Diagnostics: Safari Richardson

Student and House Officer Diversity and Inclusion Awards:

 DVM Student – Kinnidy Coley

House Officer – Dr. Jazz Stephens

Sarah Watson Brown Award:  Frank Fialkiewicz

Class of 2027 CVM Faculty Award: Dr. Amy Stieler Stewart

Class of 2026 CVM Faculty Award: Dr. Kristen Messenger

Class of 2025 CVM Faculty Award: Dr. Jen Turner

Class of 2024 CVM Faculty Award: Dr. Karyn Harrell

Phyllis Edwards Service Award: Jason Becker

Best small animal service-focused technician: Michelle Thompson

Best small animal wards technician: Sara Roboschil

Best small animal intern:  Dr. Joseph Evans

Best small animal resident: Dr. Caroline Schlaeppi Fisher

Best large animal technician: Alexandros Chrysanthou

Best large animal intern: Dr. Sarah Goss

Best large animal resident: Dr. Siena Mitman

Best VTH Staff Member: Rebecca Maher

Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award: Dr. Amy Stieler Stewart

People on stage.
Rebecca Maher receives a standing ovation after being honored with the Veterinary Hospital Staff Member Award from the Class of 2024. (Photo by John Joyner)