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Emotional black and white portrait of a sad lonely girl hugging her dog

Mar 28, 2024

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, March 2024

Discovering Crossmatch Compatibility Among Rabbit, Canine and Feline Blood Nicholas G Dannemiller, Sarah M Ozawa, Olivia A Petritz, Sarah E Musulin The popularity of zoological companion animals is growing, meaning unique species, including rabbits, are seen more often in veterinary hospitals and critical care units. There are countless emergencies in which a blood transfusion is… 

Platelets in the bloodstream

Feb 27, 2024

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, February 2024

Reviewing Medication Safety and Effectiveness in Early Parkinson’s Disease Seppänen P, Forsberg MM, Tiihonen M, Laitinen H, Beal S, Dorman DC. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. The condition can place a lot of strain on the body over time and can make some people more vulnerable to serious infections. Early management of the… 

Rendering of a 3D concept for an oncology treatment that kills cancer cells isolated pastel background Copy space

Jan 30, 2024

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, January 2024

Uncovering the Relationship Between Temperature, Time, and Cancer Cell Death During Cryoablation Treatment Vrabel MR, Fesmire CC, Rich MJ, Kobrin RL, Sano MB, Zaharoff DA. Cryoablation, a type of cryotherapy, is an FDA-approved focal therapy. Focal therapies are minimally invasive treatments that use energy sources to remove small, slow-growing cancer tumors that have not spread.… 

medical illustration of an allergen

Dec 14, 2023

Research Retrospective: A Year of Problem-Solving Progress

Allergies: Better Treatments for Anaphylactic Shock Anyone with a severe allergy knows to take great precautions against their trigger to avoid anaphylaxis, a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction. Immune cells, called mast cells, are believed to be responsible for driving anaphylaxis in humans. Most commonly, treatment for a severe reaction is an immediate injection… 

3d rendered illustration of a rats anatomy - the organs

Dec 8, 2023

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, November 2023

Furthering Biomedical Research by Engineering a New Drug Delivery Device  Ana Maria Gracioso Martins, Douglas B. Snider, Kristen D. Popowski, Karl G. Schuchard, Matias Tenorio, Sandip Akunuri, Junghyun Wee, Kara J. Peters, Anton Jansson, Rohan Shirwaiker, Ke Cheng, Donald O. Freytes, Glenn P. Cruse Intrapulmonary delivery involves delivering medication directly to the lungs, and there… 

water with algae

Oct 31, 2023

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, October 2023

Understanding the Intersection of Human, Animal and Environmental Health Surrounding Harmful Blue-Green Alga Rebecca A. Bloch, Grace Faulkner, Elizabeth D. Hilborn, Tina Wismer, Nicole Martin, Sarah Rhea Harmful cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, exposures can cause illness or death in both humans and animals and are a serious problem in both the US and world. Its… 

Sep 21, 2023

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, September 2023

Understanding the Nasal Structure of Gervais Beaked Whale Michael Denk, William McLellan, D. Ann Pabst, Sentiel Rommel, Tiffany Keenan, Sarah Sharp, Misty Niemeyer, Nicole Hunter, Gary Block, Nathan Nelson, Craig Harms,  Steven Thornton, Alexander Costidis, Michael Moore Beaked whales have specialized nasal structures that include the melon, a mass of fatty tissue found in the… 

Beagle dog jumping and running with a toy in a outdoor towards the camera

May 17, 2023

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, May 2023

Looking for Symptoms of Dangerous Brain Bleeding Cases in Dogs Christian Woelfel, Christopher Mariani, Michael Nolan, Erin Keenihan, Sophia Topulos, Peter Early, Karen Muñana, Sarah Musulin, Natasha Olby Pituitary apoplexy is a clinical syndrome in humans that can occur when there’s a blockage in blood flow or bleeding in the pituitary gland, located at the… 

Shot of two scientists working together in a lab.

Apr 20, 2023

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, April 2023

Finding Alternative Treatments to C. Perfringens in Chickens Raveendra R. Kulkarni, Carissa Gaghan, Kaitlin Gorrell, Oscar J. Fletcher Clostridium perfringens is the bacteria that can cause necrotic enteritis, a devastating disease in chickens that can have severe economic impacts on the poultry industry. A team of researchers from NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, including Ravi… 

happy pack of dogs

Mar 15, 2023

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, March 2023

Investigating Chernobyl’s Genetic Effects on Animals and Humans Gabriella Spatola, Reuben Buckley, Megan Dillon, Emily Dutrow, Jennifer Betz, Małgorzata Pilot, Heidi Parker, Wiesław Bogdanowicz, Rachel Thomas, Ihor Chyzhevskyi, Gennadi Milinevsky, Norman Kleiman, Matthew Breen, Elaine Ostrander, Timothy Mousseau Several scientific and medical entities, including the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, are investigating the lasting effects…