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A woman with short hair and wearing a black shirt holds a tabby and white cat wearing a bandana.

Dec 12, 2023

Dule’s Cancer Care at NC State Keeps Owner Duly Impressed

Empathetic care at NC State and funding from Petco Love and the Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Treatment Fund have made a 13-year-old tabby’s five-year journey with an injection-site sarcoma easier on the feline’s family. 

3d rendered illustration of a rats anatomy - the organs

Dec 8, 2023

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, November 2023

Furthering Biomedical Research by Engineering a New Drug Delivery Device  Ana Maria Gracioso Martins, Douglas B. Snider, Kristen D. Popowski, Karl G. Schuchard, Matias Tenorio, Sandip Akunuri, Junghyun Wee, Kara J. Peters, Anton Jansson, Rohan Shirwaiker, Ke Cheng, Donald O. Freytes, Glenn P. Cruse Intrapulmonary delivery involves delivering medication directly to the lungs, and there… 

An anesthesiologist dressed in green scrubs works to intubate a brown horse as two students assist her.

Dec 5, 2023

‘My Favorite Part of NC State’s Curriculum’: Selectives Set Up CVM Students For Excellence

During a two-week mini-term after final exams, the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s students explore their interests within animal medicine through hands-on, specialized classes. 

Nov 30, 2023

Training Veterinary Professors of the Future: New NC State Program Welcomes Inaugural Class

The new Veterinary Academic Leaders Program will help 10 hospital residents prepare for careers in academia at a time when veterinary shortages are leading to crises. 

Callahan is an associate professor of microbiomes and complex microbial communities, which is one of those 20 interdisciplinary clusters

Nov 29, 2023

Fall 2023 News and Updates: Lifting Our State Economy While Filling Community and Research Needs

Stay up to date on how the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is leading the way in solving problems, exploring innovations and changing lives in animal and human medicine and in our community. 

A flock of domestic turkeys gather in a field

Nov 21, 2023

Talking Turkey: How a Vaccine In Development at NC State Could Protect Turkeys from a Fast-Spreading Fatal Illness

Supported by a large grant from the USDA, an interdisciplinary team is researching a novel vaccine that could protect turkeys against a deadly disease while boosting their gut health against other illnesses. 

Dr. Tal Ben-Horin and Ph.D. student Zakir Bulmer relocate oyster bags from CMAST to Core Sound as part of a study into the disease resistance of different genetic lines of oysters.

Nov 16, 2023

Our Remarkable Reach: Check out The Oath for Fall 2023

This edition of The Oath magazine highlights the myriad ways we contribute to North Carolina’s economy and strength by improving the lives of its animals and people. 

Dr. Tal Ben-Horin and PhD student Zakir Bulmer relocate a set of oyster bags from CMAST to Core Sound as part of a study into the disease resistance of different genetic lines of oysters.

Nov 14, 2023


By Katie Rice and Burgetta Eplin Wheeler In the 40 years since the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine dedicated its main facility, the college has repaid the state’s continuing investment by becoming a generator of graduates schooled in the latest cutting-edge care and a hub of transformative research into animal and translational medicine. Though the… 

A four-part grid featuring student veterans from the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Nov 10, 2023

Vets Squared: Honoring The Veterinary Student Veterans of the CVM

This Veterans Day, the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine recognizes DVM students with prior military service and those who will serve after graduation. 

Dr. Kate Meurs, far right, takes members of the Industry Advisory Council on a tour of campus.

Nov 9, 2023

Dean Welcomes Members of New Industry Advisory Council to Campus

“Our new strategic plan includes an emphasis on developing and strengthening partnerships, and we thought it would be so beneficial  to engage in a more formal way with leading animal health industry partners,” Dean Kate Meurs says.