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Aoi Nakanishi-Hester

Jul 23, 2024

NC State’s Dual DVM/Ph.D. Program Ups the Ante on Life-Changing Research

For Victor Rivas, Aoi Nakanishi-Hester and other research-minded students, the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s DVM/Ph.D. program, which provides the opportunity to combine a doctor of veterinary medicine degree with a Ph.D., is an undeniable example of the college’s world-class caliber. NC State’s veterinary college is one of only five or six in the country that… 

Shafarah Dixon

Jul 22, 2024

From a North Carolina Veterinary Specialist Practice, Shafarah Dixon Reports

Stepping into the world of exotic animals through an externship with Carolina Veterinary Specialists Huntersville was a transformative experience. During my 5th block of my fourth year, I embarked on a journey where every moment was a revelation and every encounter a lesson. From the minute I arrived, the air was filled with the sounds… 

NC State veterinary student Hannah Dion is spending the summer helping with ruminant research.

Jul 18, 2024

From an NC State Ruminant Research Project, Hannah Dion Reports

This past month has been spent performing laboratory tests on our blood bags. We used alcohol to clean the sampling ports on the blood bags themselves for weekly samples and needed more. The most involved laboratory test has been the erythrocyte osmotic fragility test. Broken down, we are testing the stability of the red blood… 

NC State veterinary student panel at the See You at the CVM event.

Jul 18, 2024

NC State Student Outreach Program Wins National Award 

An NC State College of Veterinary Medicine outreach program designed to help undergraduate students dreaming of admission to the college see a more concrete path has won a national award for highlighting higher education avenues into STEM careers. 

A male veterinary student working with a black cow in a cattle chute smiles at the mentor veterinarian he's working with.

Jul 18, 2024

Rural Scholars Take North Carolina’s Livestock Veterinarian Shortage by the Horns (and Hooves)

An NC State College of Veterinary Medicine program debuting this summer pairs vet students with livestock veterinarians in rural areas of North Carolina to build students’ skills, create connections and address a statewide care deficit. 

Corn snake

Jul 16, 2024

World Snake Day: Resources for Identifying NC’s Slithering Serpents

We're right in the middle of snake season in North Carolina, and it's good to know what's living in your backyard. Check out some of the snake identification and education resources below. 

Graphic of human body with organ icons

Jul 16, 2024

The Human Connection

At the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, we conduct research that leads to healing across the animal-human bond. ‘Bench to bedside’ takes a unique form on our campus, where advancements bridging veterinary research and human health care can span ‘barn to bedside’ or ‘farm to table.’ 

The Teaching Animal Unit at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

Jul 12, 2024

NC State Working to Keep Historic TAU Where the Future Happens

To maintain the Teaching Animal Unit as a dynamic, relevant part of veterinary education for the next generations of healers, an ambitious master plan called for upgrades and improvements to the facilities. The college is now answering that call. 

Kaori Sakamoto

Jul 10, 2024

NC State Welcomes Alum as New Leader of Department of Population Health and Pathobiology

Dr. Kaori Sakamoto’s successful career in pathology was the direct result of mentorship she received at NC State, she says, and she’s eagerly anticipating getting to pay that forward. 

People working with a dog.

Jul 8, 2024

How Our Researchers Are Leading the Way in Canine Epilepsy Research

Researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine are working to better understand the canine epilepsy to find better treatment options and improve the quality of life for both animals and owners.