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THE OATH IS OUT! At #NCStateVetMed, we offer world-class education to the next generation of healers, expand the limits of medicine with our research and provide unparalleled patient care, all the while giving back to those who make our work possible. This edition of The Oath magazine highlights the myriad ways we contribute to North Carolina’s economy and strength by improving the lives of its animals and people. Find a link to the magazine in our profile. #vetmed #vetschool #innovators #problemsolvers #lifechangers #healers #communitypartners ...

WELCOME TO OUR CVM CRIB! Our #NCStateVetMed community recently told us their favorite places here at the #NCState College of Veterinary Medicine, and now we’re sharing them with you! Second-year DVM student Isla Farrow took us on a tour of these places and, of course, showed us her favorite hangout, too. Got a spot we didn’t mention? Share it with us in the comments! ...

Seasonal Pet Safety Tips

Important safety tips from our experts to keep your pets safe through all of the seasons and holidays.

dog runs along the beach in a spray of water
A dog runs along the beach in a spray of water, a golden retriever