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KICKOFF TO SUMMER! Memorial Day weekend is an unofficial marker of summer - which is undeniably a fun time of year, but also a hot one for people and pets. #NCStateVetMed has some important summer safety tips so you can have fun in the sun while keeping your furry friends safe.

☀️ It`s getting hot, hot, hot! Take walks in the cooler parts of the day and carry water with you. Sidewalks, roads and asphalt can get very hot. Not sure if it`s too hot for your pup? Hold your hand on the ground for 30 seconds and if it`s too hot for your hand, it`s too hot to walk your dog.

🚗 Never leave your dog in the car. Even on a nice day, temperatures in a parked car with the windows rolled down can exceed 100 degrees within 10 minutes. Bring your pup with you when leaving the car or keep them in the A/C at home.

🐕 Some pets love to swim! Pets should always be supervised while swimming and it`s important to keep an eye on how far away they`re swimming and how deep the water is. It`s best to avoid ponds and other stagnant water as they can contain various water-borne parasites.

🦟 Sun`s out, bugs out! Summer is high season for fleas and ticks of all kinds. Double check that your pet is up-to-date on their flea, tick and heartworm medications as the season begins.

🌊 Splish splash! If you`re hanging outside on a hot day, consider an inexpensive plastic kiddie pool as a quick cool down for your pet or a cool (gentle!) spray from the garden hose. Additionally, make sure your pet has ample shade and a constant source of cool drinking water.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about your pet, always start by calling your local veterinarian for advice!

IT’S WORLD TURTLE DAY! 🐢 Today, we shell-ebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world. Here at #NCStateVetMed, we’re also celebrating our student and volunteer run organization, the @turtlerescueteam. We chatted with them to learn what you should do if you see an injured or uninjured turtle in the road - and how you can help.

You can help in other ways as well! The Turtle Rescue Team is the busiest they’ve ever been, treating hundreds of patients each year! Consider donating to their crowdfunding campaign which provides the necessary equipment and supplies to treat, heal and release these turtles back into the wild. Learn more using the link in our bio. #worldturtleday

HOWLELUJAH! 🐺🐾 On #NationalEndangeredSpeciesDay, the #NCStateVetMed community is euphoric to announce that our pack of critically endangered red wolves has jumped from five to eight with the addition of three precious pups! Breeding pair Penny and Jewell produced the latest additions to the @ncstate Wolfpack’s red wolf pack, and the two girls and one boy are thriving. “This is what it’s all about,” said Caroline Diehl, a second-year DVM student and co-president of the college’s student-led Carnivore Conservation Crew. “There’s no other reward like seeing a brand new baby endangered red wolf pup on your own campus and being a part of keeping the species alive.”

Read more about the pups using the 🔗 in our bio.


SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION: NOW OPEN! Hey, #Classof2029 applicants, the @ncstate Supplemental Application is now available! Learn more from Jeff Huckel, director of Recruitment and Outreach at #NCStateVetMed, about how to set yourself up for success as you compile your veterinary college application. Looking for additional information? Check out the “VMCAS, Explained” video series on YouTube or head to our website using the link in our bio. ...

Seasonal Pet Safety Tips

Important safety tips from our experts to keep your pets safe through all of the seasons and holidays.

dog runs along the beach in a spray of water
A dog runs along the beach in a spray of water, a golden retriever