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Winter 2020, The Oath Magazine

red wolf

Things may seem to be getting a bit wild at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, but the truth is they always have been. 

In the latest edition of The Oath, we’re celebrating 30 years of our groundbreaking, impactful work in the wide world of zoological medicine and wildlife conservation. You’ll learn about how we not only helped develop the field, but modernized it and built a world-renowned program that continues to this day.

Sticking to the wildlife theme, there’s also a look at NC State’s “campus at the coast,” CMAST, the Center for Marine Sciences and Technology; spend the day with the CVM alum Jb Minter, the North Carolina Zoo’s director of animal health; and head to South Africa as CVM clinicians continue their work to help save the vanishing rhinoceros.

Other (slightly less exotic) features include looks at the impressive CVM Class of 2023 and our Turtle Rescue Team. It really is a jungle out there.