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Video: On World Snake Day, a Close Look at N.C. Snakes and Safety

Corn snake
A corn snake on the North Carolina coast.

North Carolina snakes — the spitting zebra cobra variety and otherwise — have received a lot of attention lately.

It’s the height of snake season, and July 16 marks World Snake Day, which has a goal of furthering understanding and respect for the species.

“Snakes help us way more than they hurt us,” says Lewbart.

In that spirit, we sat down with the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s resident snake expert Greg Lewbart, professor of aquatic, wildlife and zoological medicine, to discuss North Carolina’s snake population and some snake safety tips for the summer.

Learn more through the two videos below.

Snake season and safety tips

Greg Lewbart discusses how humans can interact with snakes safely.

North Carolina Snakes

Lewbart breaks down the characteristics of snakes in the state.