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Awards and Honors

Together Again at Last for the 38th Annual Awards Banquet

Dean Meurs speaks at 2022 awards banquet
The CVM Community gathers for the 2022 Awards Banquet in Talley Student Union Thursday April 28, 2022. It was the first time the annual event was held in-person since 2019.

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the College of Veterinary Medicine community assembled to celebrate a tradition: its annual awards banquet at the Talley Student Union on the NC State main campus. 

Many attendees said it felt good to be together again at the 38th annual event, where congratulatory hugs were joyfully reinstated, too.

The ceremony at the end of each academic year recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements by students, staff and faculty.

Dean Kathryn Meurs welcomed attendees and special guests and congratulated members of the Class of 2022 on completing their rigorous training and preparing to enter their chosen profession.

Special note was given to the annual PetDesk Scholarship for Equity in Veterinary Medicine. PetDesk hopes to lower financial barriers for underrepresented students entering school, remove much of the financial stress during school and ultimately allow students the space after graduation to make the best decisions for their future. The company, which provides a workflow management and patient engagement platform, is passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the veterinary industry.

The 2022 recipient of the $5,000 PetDesk scholarship was Kier Way.

Dean Kate Meurs presents Pet Desk scholarship to the Class of 2022’s Kier Way.

Meurs then turned the program over to Jeff Huckel, master of ceremonies and director of student services. The event’s perennial emcee, Greg Lewbart, professor of aquatic animal medicine, was unexpectedly unable to attend.

Huckel, frequently Lewbart’s sidekick during past dinners, stepped in and deftly handled the job of overseeing a lengthy presentation of academic and educational awards to students and faculty. A complete list of awards and winners appears below.

The evening concluded with the presentation of the three highest awards given to faculty members.

Meurs presented the Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence to Santosh Misra, associate professor in the department of molecular biomedical sciences. Misra’s research investigates the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying chronic itch and possibly pain.

The Ruth L. & Ned E. Huffman Leadership Award recognizes staff and faculty members who demonstrate leadership, vision and achievement. Last year’s winner, Megan Jacob, presented the 2022 award to Lysa Posner, assistant dean of student development and professor of anesthesiology, and Site Director Ken Satterwhite.

The final presentation was of the Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award. Last year’s winner, Associate Dean Laura Nelson, director of Academic Affairs, presented the 2022 award to Abi Taylor, assistant clinical professor, general practice.

All awards and recipients:

NCVMA Academic Achievement Award: Stephen Santangelo

Joseph L. Grimes Leadership Award: Abby Cox

Friends of NCVMA Foundation Scholarship: Carin Beene

Jim and Mollie Rasor Leadership Scholarship Endowment: Kayley Peters

Martin Litwack Award for Excellence: Claire Ludwig

ACVO Ophthalmology Senior Student Award: Jennifer Rush

ACVIM Clinical Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine: Ann Gaier, Colin Stone

Dechra Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine: Ann Gaier

DOCS Companion Animal Faculty Clinical Proficiency Awards: Colin Stone, Ann Gaier, Rachel Meyers, Lauren Nakonechny, Will Ostrom

ACVS Small Animal Surgery Award: Brynna Lee

Donald R. Howard Award for Surgical Excellence: Wes Beamon

MBS Excellence in Anesthesia Clinical Proficiency Award: Colin Stone, Shelby Scanlin

Merck Animal Health Award for Dermatology: Colin Stone

Dechra Excellence in Dermatology Award: Meghan Rutowski

R.C. Dillman Award for Excellence in Anatomical & Clinical Pathology: Tahj Boston, Whitney Chandler

Dr. Monica Menard Award for Excellence in Veterinary Pathobiological Research: Cecilia Schaaf

ACVR Excellence in Clinical Radiology Award: Kier Way

NCSU Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Proficiency Award: Radiology – Alyssa Berman; Ultrasound – Cody Crenshaw

2022 AAHA Award for Proficiency in Primary Care: Rachel Meyers

Stanley Family Client Care Award: Stephanie Thi-Syth

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Cardiology Award: Rachel Meyers

Bob Rosenthal Oncology Senior Student Award: Claire Neinast

Your Chance Medical Oncology Resident Award: Rachael Camiener (third year); Alexandra Gareau (second year)

Jake McBee Oncology Resident Award: Alexandra Gareau

Association of Feline Practitioners Senior Student Award: Lauren Umberger

VECCS Award for Proficiency in Emergency & Critical Care: Ann Gaier

Dechra Excellence in Equine Sports Medicine Award: Griffin Hewett

Dr. Robert Agne Memorial Equine Award: Alex Grobman

Mat Gerard Award for Excellence in Equine Dentistry: Alex Grobman

Equine Health Program Special Focus Award – Emergency & Critical Care: Aya Omar

Whynter Colinson Brownie Equine Award: Erin Elder

ACVIM Certificate of Clinical Excellence in Large Animal Internal Medicine: Allyson Patterson

DOCS Large Animal Clinical Proficiency Awards: Carolyn Hynes, Megan Van Geffen, Colin Stone

ACVS Large Animal Surgery Award: Jennifer Rush

Theriogenology Clinical Proficiency Award: Riley Jones

Leroy Coggins Graduate Fellowship Endowment: Sara Erwin

Population Health & Pathobiology Small Ruminant Clinical Proficiency Award: Scott Wiseman

Population Health & Pathobiology Bovine Clinical Proficiency Award: Terry Stauffer

Boehringer Ingelheim Bovine Health Award in Preventative Medicine: Allyson Patterson

Whynter Colinson Brownie Food Animal Award: Cameron Ellington

Population Health & Pathobiology Faculty Poultry Proficiency Awards: Hannah Sather

Hanns-Dieter Alhusen Swine Proficiency Award: Sabra Bryant McCallister, Zoe Wolfe

Award for Excellence in Veterinary Behavior: Sarah Gross

ASLAP Foundation Veterinary Student Award: Brooke Bollinger

NCALAM Veterinary Student Travel Award: Bryanna Meredith, Alexis Roach

Proficiency in Zoological Medicine: Emily Schlake

Proficiency in Aquatic Animal Medicine: Hannah Reynolds

Proficiency in Aquaculture: Jacob Veilleux

Proficiency in Invertebrate Medicine: Andrew Lathan

Proficiency in Conservation Medicine: Caroline Balch

Proficiency in Reptile and Amphibian Medicine: Daniel Mejia

Proficiency in Avian Medicine: Hayley Stratton

Proficiency in Wildlife Medicine: Tala Woodward

The David Woodward Memorial Award for Excellence in Reptile Medicine and Conservation: Daniel Mejia

Joel Kirk Budd, Jr., Award for Companion Animal Diagnostics: Colin Stone

Student and House Officer Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Daiannette Lopez, Brittany Veerasammy, Rachel Park Caddiell; other nominees were Gabrielle Elders, Lakhia Fuller, Alexis Roach, Grayson Walker, Riley Aronson, Caitlin Hepps-Keeney

Linda Manning Memorial Award for Veterinary Technicians: Chelsea Fland Pineda, Anna McClour

Sarah Watson Brown Award: Ryker Minch

Class of 2025 CVM Faculty Award: Mat Gerard

Class of 2024 CVM Faculty Award: Devorah Marks Stowe

Class of 2023 CVM Faculty Award: Abi Taylor

Class of 2022 CVM Faculty Award: Abi Taylor

Phyllis Edwards Service Award: Kaitlyn Sherman

Best small animal service-focused technician: Kayle Warren-Love

Best small animal wards technician: Kat Kratzer

Best small animal intern: Leslie Reed-Jones

Best small animal resident: Tyler Spriggs

Best large animal technician: Adam Gamble

Best large animal intern: Cambrey Knapp

Best large animal resident: Blanca Camacho

Best large animal faculty member: Derek Foster

Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence: Santosh Mishra

The Ruth L. & Ned E. Huffman Leadership Award: Lysa Posner, Ken Satterwhite

Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award: Abi Taylor