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Steven Suter

bone marrow transplant

Jan 27, 2019

Patient Spotlight: A Life-Changing Procedure for a Life-Saving Dog

Two months after a chance encounter, Maddie and McKinley, boarded a plane to North Carolina. They were headed to the extracorporeal service for a bone marrow transplant at... 

Jun 6, 2017

Plasmapheresis a Potentially Life-saving Approach to Veterinary Immunotherapy

A relatively new therapy in veterinary medicine, plasmapheresis can be used to treat immune-mediated diseases. It is used almost exclusively after traditional drug therapy, even with increased dosage, proves ineffective... 

dog receives dialysis

Jan 31, 2017

NC State Veterinary Hospital Provides Dialysis Treatment

Hemodialysis comes into play with severe cases of acute kidney injury (kidney failure) resulting from infection or any other causes. Candidates for this treatment demonstrate such symptoms as... 

Cady the dog recovers from bone marrow transplant

Dec 1, 2016

Canine Bone Marrow Transplants Return to the NC State Vet Hospital

The CVM was the first — and remains the only — veterinary college in the world to offer bone marrow transplants for dogs... 

Dr. Matthew Breen with students in the lab

Jul 11, 2016

Two CVM Researchers Among Recipients of First C3O Cancer Grants

A joint funding project from CVM and the Duke Cancer Institute, the C3O grants support research that will translate laboratory discoveries into therapeutic applications... 

Oct 30, 2010

CCMTR Hosts Symposium on Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine

The State of North Carolina is well poised to play a central role in the area of regenerative medicine. Key medical institutions including UNC, Duke, and Wake Forest, coupled with the NC State University’s unique expertise in engineering and veterinary medicine, and the existence of collaborative networks such as the NC State Center for Comparative Medicine and… 

May 26, 2009

CVM Researchers Interviewed for AKC Genome Barks (podcasts)

Lee Arnold of the American Kennel Club and Canine Health Foundation Boards of Directors hosts Genome Barks, an AKC-sponsored series of podcasts. [section_subtitle]He interviewed: [/section_subtitle] Dr. Steve Suter on canine lymphoma cell lines. These cell lines will provide a tool to study the disease on a cellular level and determine the molecular behavior of lymphoma.…