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Ferrets Joker, Bane and Harley Hathcock

Jan 24, 2020

More Time for Harley

Teacher Carmen Hathcock and the NC State exotics team help ferret Harley fight lymphoma. 

Jorge Roca with his dog Mick

Jan 8, 2020

When Being on Trial is Good

Mick, a 4-year-old Rottweiler, responds well to the treatment of his osteosarcoma through a medical oncology clinical trial. 

Kimberly Tillapaugh holds Sahara the bearded dragon

Dec 17, 2019

Good for Science — and Sahara the Bearded Dragon, Too

When Kimberly Tillapaugh's beloved bearded dragon, Sahara, was diagnosed with leukemia, the NC State Veterinary Hospital, with help from the Petco Foundation and the Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Fund, made treatment a reality. 

Woman with blonde hair holding black cat

Nov 18, 2019

Cat Fights Nasal Cancer, Receives Help From a Few Friends

After Jones the cat was diagnosed with nasal lymphoma at the NC State Veterinary Hospital, antibiotics and steroids weren’t going to be enough. Sometimes, even a fighter like Jones needs a little help. 

woman with dog

Nov 4, 2019

Keep Calm and Terrier On

Kristi Thompson says that, Nala, her 12-year-old terrier mix, is her rock. “Nala’s been there for me through so much,” Thompson said. “She’s my best friend, my confidant, my shadow. Her gentle energy keeps me grounded and sane through all of life’s ups and downs.” There have been a few of those ups and downs… 

Kayda Petersen, Surf City K-9 patrol

Oct 28, 2019

Helping Kayda Catch the Bad Guys Again

Kayda Petersen is a valued member of the police department in Surf City, N.C. She proudly displays her police badge just below her throat, where it shines brightly from her collar. Kayda is part of the two-member Surf City K-9 patrol — she’s the canine member. The human member is also her owner, Cpl. Eric Petersen.… 

Roger White, Ashley White's father, with Bo

Sep 24, 2019

A Big Break for Little Bo

One look at Bo, a tiny ball of white fur with two soft dark eyes and a bit of pink tongue peeking out, and it’s easy to understand Ashley White’s devotion to him. And it’s easy to understand why discovering his serious illness was particularly gut-wrenching. The 10-year-old Maltese is sweet enough to soften the… 

Otter the cat with owners

Sep 9, 2019

Improving the Odds for a Cat Named Otter

When Caramel, a cat owned by Melissa Tran and her boyfriend, Jeremy Mey, had a litter of eight kittens in 2010, things didn’t go smoothly. It was a difficult delivery, with some of the kittens being stillborn. Tran thought that one of the tiny survivors, a female, seemed to resemble an otter as she lay… 

Sarah Blume and Amelia

Jul 22, 2019

Exceptional Care for an Endlessly Supportive Friend

Sarah Blume and Amelia are more than owner and pet. They need each other. Thanks to some timely advice from Jackie Murphy, a medical oncology intern at the NC State Veterinary Hospital, Blume and Amelia’s mutual support system is getting much-needed reinforcement from caring partners teaming with world-class clinicians. Amelia, a 5-year-old Labrador retriever mix, has… 

Zeevy, with her owner Sharon Davis

Jun 5, 2019

Keeping Time with Zeevy

Zeevy is an 11-year-old rescue dog described by her owner, Sharon Davis, as sweet, smart and empathetic. When asked about the origin of Zeevy’s name, Davis replies that she was named after the late quirky rock musician Warren Zevon. Davis is a musician herself, a veteran of several rock bands, as well as being a…