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patient spotlight

Knuckles Brad and Yoshi

Jun 15, 2020

Patient Spotlight: Mouth Surgery Gives Injured Puppy a New Life

After biting a live wire, 3-month-old puppy Coco was referred to the NC State Veterinary Hospital for care to her injured mouth. During her stay at the hospital, she was adopted and began a new life. 

Frodo gets an ortho exam

Feb 17, 2020

Patient Spotlight: Semper Fi-do, Marine K-9 Recovers from Injury During Training

When K-9 Frodo shattered his femur during a training exercise, his handler brought him to the NC State Veterinary Hospital's Orthopedic Service to help him walk again. 

black goat with purple shirt and pink tennis balls on horns

Jan 22, 2020

Patient Spotlight: Rare Treatment Leaves Goat Udderly Unfazed

A feisty goat named Amelia undergoes surgery at the NC State Veterinary Hospital to remove her udder and ovaries. 

Frankenstein kitten playing with red string

Oct 31, 2019

Patient Spotlight: Injured Stray Kitten Learns to Walk Again

A 6-week-old kitten named Frankenstein learns to walk again after orthopedic surgery at the NC State Veterinary Hospital. 

Valery Scharf and Trout

Sep 22, 2019

Patient Spotlight: Puppy Thrives After New Hernia Surgery Approach

When newlyweds Ellen and Drew Williams were looking for a house in Raleigh, they knew they wanted a big backyard for a future puppy.  Not long after they were settled in, Drew surprised Ellen for her birthday with what she called the best gift ever. He told her they were on a waiting list to… 

Cayde King

Jun 30, 2019

Patient Spotlight: Modeling the Way with 3D Technology

Sharon King didn’t plan on bringing home a puppy anytime soon. Though her golden retriever, Bella, was getting older, King wasn’t seriously looking for a new addition to her family at the moment. Then she met Cayde. A breeder brought a litter of collie puppies into King’s Burlington, N.C., veterinary practice one day for a… 

CVM main building

Apr 17, 2019

Patient Spotlight: Cataract Surgery Restores Vision for Rabbits

When Min Park adopted Holland lop rabbits Bossy Pants and Cocoa Bean from a shelter in New York City around Valentine’s Day, she was just looking for some bunnies to love. But within a year of their “adoptiversary” her rabbits would go blind.   What began as a little cloudiness in one of Cocoa Bean’s… 

Liesel and Ed Carney, total hip replacement

Feb 27, 2019

Patient Spotlight: A Joint Effort to Manage Hip Pain

Liesel stole the hearts of Ed and Ingrid Carney at 4 months old. The Carneys had planned to add a dog to their family in Cary, N.C., having previously rescued greyhounds and setters. They were ready to try something new and had a plan that did not include adopting a rescue or a German shepherd… 

bone marrow transplant

Jan 27, 2019

Patient Spotlight: A Life-Changing Procedure for a Life-Saving Dog

Two months after a chance encounter, Maddie and McKinley, boarded a plane to North Carolina. They were headed to the extracorporeal service for a bone marrow transplant at...