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Dr. Mike Nolan shares some of his radiation oncology knowledge with Briana Horne-Reid, a second-year DVM student at NC State, and Savannah S. Simon, a second-year veterinary student at Tuskegee University in Alabama.

Jun 13, 2023

Immersive Oncology: NC State Hopes New Clinical Experience Broadens Understanding, Horizons

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine has launched a new program designed to help first- and second-year veterinary students from universities across the country explore important medical specialties they could pursue as careers. 

Veterinary nurse holds car

Jan 6, 2022

Chatterbox the Rescue Cat is Saved Again

Elisabetta Ferrero was eager to do as much as possible for Chatterbox. That’s when she was told about the availability of assistance from the Petco Love grant. “That lit up my world,” she says. 

Phife Williams Petco

Sep 14, 2021

After Finding a Throat Tumor, Special Fund Means More Life for Phife

With help from Petco Love and the Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Fund, Phife will have much more time with the family he grew up with. 

Petco Odin the ferret

Jan 14, 2021

Keeping Odin the Ferret in Charge

After being diagnosed with a tumor near his heart, Odin is recovering quickly, thanks to support from two cancer treatment funds. 

Sheba 3D

Sep 18, 2020

NC State Manufacturing and Veterinary Medicine Team up to Save Dog

The NC State Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics (CAMAL) joined forces with the NC State CVM and an industry partner to perform a miraculous procedure. 

Cancer research Kenya

Jun 19, 2020

NC State CVM-Led Cancer Database Changes the Game for Exotic Pets and Wildlife

The CVM's Tara Harrison is the only veterinarian on a team that traveled to Kenya to investigate cancer in wild animals, an extension of her exotic species and wildlife oncology research. 

old dog lounges

Jul 28, 2019

CVM Study Explores New Way to Treat Rare Canine Cancer

Stereotactic radiation therapy is a powerful tool in the NC State Veterinary Hospital’s arsenal, attacking cancerous tumors of the brain, spine and those that can reach the heart, all while still protecting normal tissue. Conventional radiation therapy is typically used over many weeks. SRT can often be conducted during just a handful of hospital visits. New… 

bone marrow transplant

Jan 27, 2019

Patient Spotlight: A Life-Changing Procedure for a Life-Saving Dog

Two months after a chance encounter, Maddie and McKinley, boarded a plane to North Carolina. They were headed to the extracorporeal service for a bone marrow transplant at... 

Bernice the cat

Oct 10, 2017

Cat With Rare Cancer Gets a Helping Hand

With a love for attention and overflowing with affection, Bernice the cat took to her new family — and even strangers — immediately after being adopted at the age of 4. But soon, the domestic shorthair would become something of a medical puzzle, eventually decoded by the skilled clinicians at the NC State Veterinary Hospital. It… 

Mallory Wehrmann and Charlie, her 12-year-old Pomeranian

Feb 8, 2017

Extraordinary Care for Charlie

In November, 2015 Charlie was diagnosed with lymphoma and his condition was serious. His veterinarian referred Mallory to NC State, where he underwent extensive chemotherapy treatment for six months...