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Oncology Service

couple posing with mountain range

Feb 22, 2022

A Lasting Gift to Vet Med’s Unsung Heroes

Jeff and Paulina Thompson created an endowment to support professional development for oncology house officers. 

Emma Warner Coats of Excellence

Apr 7, 2021

Grateful Couple Honors 6 at NC State Veterinary Hospital with Coats of Excellence

Kelly and Charlie Warner chose to recognize not one, not two, but six members of the hospital team that worked to prolong the time with their beloved Emma Rae. 

Donna Leathers

Jan 5, 2021

Generosity and Cutting-Edge Care Means More Time for Molly

Thanks to NC State, the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Fund, Molly is feeling more neighborly again. 

Kenya Thomasson

Dec 3, 2020

During Family’s Challenging Year, Always Thankful for Kenya

At the veterinary hospital, the Thomassons received the emotional and financial support they needed to provide the best care for their dog. 

Kimberly Tillapaugh holds Sahara the bearded dragon

Dec 17, 2019

Good for Science — and Sahara the Bearded Dragon, Too

When Kimberly Tillapaugh's beloved bearded dragon, Sahara, was diagnosed with leukemia, the NC State Veterinary Hospital, with help from the Petco Foundation and the Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Fund, made treatment a reality. 

Sarah Blume and Amelia

Jul 22, 2019

Exceptional Care for an Endlessly Supportive Friend

Sarah Blume and Amelia are more than owner and pet. They need each other. Thanks to some timely advice from Jackie Murphy, a medical oncology intern at the NC State Veterinary Hospital, Blume and Amelia’s mutual support system is getting much-needed reinforcement from caring partners teaming with world-class clinicians. Amelia, a 5-year-old Labrador retriever mix, has… 

T-Bone the dog

May 13, 2019

Helping Families Weather the Storm

Pat and Almira Dallas moved to Oriental, N.C., to live simply, be by the water and go sailing. Dogs have always been a big part of their lives, so when they moved from Winston-Salem in 1988, they made sure that life on the coast would include space for canine companions. Pat sold his custom fireplace… 

jack with owner kirstin

Apr 23, 2019

For Jack the Cat, Happiness at Last

Jack was cranky the February morning he was brought to the NC State Veterinary Hospital, but that was nothing new. When Kirstin Smith first saw Jack, he was cranky then, too. Smith, who moved to North Carolina in 2013 from New Jersey, found him in her home state. Smith, who ran a rodent rescue in New… 

Rocky, a 6-year-old Bullmastiff, with owner Matt Sizemore

Nov 6, 2017

Courageous Canine Fights Cancer

The Bullmastiff is an imposing breed. Developed by 19th-century English gamekeepers to stand guard over country estates and typically weighing between 110 to 130 pounds, they give any intruder second thoughts. However, as everyone knows, looks can be deceiving. Bullmastiffs are also notably quiet, mild-mannered and, if properly socialized, affectionate, gentle and calm. That is… 

Lucky the dog

Aug 1, 2017

One Lucky Dog

Life in Lucky’s world was fine until he developed lameness in his right hind leg. Initial examinations by private veterinarians indicated a possible osteosarcoma: bone cancer...