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Liara Gonzalez

Mar 28, 2019

Call in the Reserves: Two Types of Stem Cells Repair Intestinal Injury

New research from NC State reveals your body’s “backup plan” – in the form of reserve stem cells – for recovering from severe intestinal injury due to lack of blood supply. The intestinal tract is one of the busiest organs in the human body. It’s also one of the most regenerative – the cells that line… 

Amy Stewart

Dec 17, 2018

CVM Ph.D. Student Earns Recognition for Colic Research

Stewart is in the fourth year of her Ph.D. work in the Comparative Medicine and Translational Research Training Program run by Sam Jones, professor of equine medicine. 

Microscopic view of pig intestinal villi

Aug 23, 2018

Mucosal Environment of Older Pigs Helps Newborn Piglets with Intestinal Injury Recover

Intestinal ischemic injury occurs when blood flow to a portion of the intestine is cut off, resulting in the loss of epithelial cells that line intestinal walls. Once this barrier is damaged, intestinal contents can leak into the bloodstream, causing sepsis and often fatal infections... 

vet listens to horse's heartbeat

Mar 11, 2018

Specialty Spotlight: Colic

NC State’s equine program provides expert care for colic at the country’s preeminent center for excellence in treatment. Our colic specialists, widely recognized experts in equine surgery and gastroenterology, work closely with clients to offer the most personalized care for each and every horse with colic. From highly successful surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches, to research… 

microscopic view of cell

Sep 11, 2017

Tiny Cellular Worlds, Big Medical Breakthrough

They’re called “mini guts,” and they are a leap forward in the study and prevention of devastating intestinal diseases in horses. Researchers at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine have successfully isolated and recreated the innermost layer of a horse’s intestine using stem cells. All the intricate nooks and crannies of intestinal cells can be… 

John Griffioen and Sophie Amirsultan, class of 2018, examine a turtle

May 23, 2016

6 NC State CVM Students Awarded Hitchings New Investigator Award

This award is specifically for support of pre-doctoral research and is in the amount of $5,000 for students enrolled and working toward...