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Kyle Mathews

Kyle Mathews with bulldog

Oct 9, 2018

‘The Extra Mile’: Mathews Honored for Extraordinary Care

When Todd and Carla Baker’s English bulldog Chancho started experiencing breathing problems, they knew just where to go. “We always bring our dogs to NC State,” said Carla Baker. “They go above and beyond.” Waiting for them at the hospital was clinician Kyle Mathews, professor of soft tissue and oncologic surgery. Chancho, 10, was diagnosed with… 

thumper the cat in wheel cart

Jun 19, 2017

Engineering a New Life for Thumper

Replacing rear legs with wheelchair devices is increasingly common in companion animals, but doing so with the delicate front legs of cats is particularly difficult... 

Terry Seaks

Jun 11, 2017

For Seaks, Miracles Stand the Test of Time

People who love their pets know the bonds that exist between ourselves and our animal companions are especially strong. Someone who understands that dynamic very well is Terry Seaks, economics professor emeritus... 

veterinarians in surgery

Jun 4, 2017

Veterinary Medicine’s Masked Heroes

For the soft tissue and oncologic surgery service, breadth of cases is the daily norm 

Oct 30, 2010

CCMTR Hosts Symposium on Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine

The State of North Carolina is well poised to play a central role in the area of regenerative medicine. Key medical institutions including UNC, Duke, and Wake Forest, coupled with the NC State University’s unique expertise in engineering and veterinary medicine, and the existence of collaborative networks such as the NC State Center for Comparative Medicine and…