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Kenneth Royal

vet examines patient

Jan 27, 2021

Survey: Barriers, Not Demographics, Affect Willingness to Pursue Veterinary Care

The study finds that when seeking veterinary care for dogs, barriers to access – including a lack of trust – have more effect on the decision-making process than differences in race, gender or socioeconomic status. 

vets examining pup after surgery

Feb 19, 2019

Spit Take: Using Salivary Science to Measure Student Stress

A group of 18 fourth-year CVM students on clinical training rounds participated in the study, providing saliva samples before and after assisting in surgery. Along with student-reported mood measures, researchers focused on the samples’ levels of cortisol and alpha-amylase, salivary biomarkers indicating stress. 

CVM main building

Oct 23, 2018

From the CVM, a Groundbreaking New Medical Education Journal

Education in the Health Professions, launched Oct. 1 and available for free at, is a peer-reviewed compendium of multi-disciplinary health education research spanning the spectrum of medicine and health. The first-ever medical education journal originating from a veterinary school... 

veterinarian communication class in session

Oct 15, 2018

Study Finds Improved Readability Needed in Veterinary Information for Public

The study advocates for increased awareness of readability in veterinary communication, especially in a time when animal owners are spending more on veterinary care, food and medications than in the past. 

dog looking at toxic foods

May 17, 2018

More Education About Pet Toxins Needed, Study Finds

An online survey asked participants to identify potential animal toxicants on a list of 25 common household items, including plants, foods and over-the-counter medications. Fifteen of the listed items were toxic to pets; the remainder were not... 

students and staff walking in front of CVM main building

Aug 5, 2017

CVM-sponsored Health Education Journal to Debut Next Summer

The peer-reviewed Education in the Health Professions, to be published online four times a year, will have a multi-disciplinary focus on education and will be inclusive of fields such as including... 

Dog backlight silhouette in sunset

Aug 2, 2016

Exploring Belief In An Animal Afterlife

The study, set to be published in August in the journal Anthrozoos, is believed to be the first to systematically explore American’s beliefs about animal afterlife using...