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Adam Birkenheuer

goats in field following veterinary medicine student

Jan 24, 2022

Historic NC State Veterinary Medicine Fundraising Campaign Exceeds Goal

The resounding success of the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign solidifies NC State University's position as a world leader in veterinary medicine.  


Aug 16, 2021

With New Distinguished Chair, Family’s Heartfelt Gift Creates Lasting Impact

Professor of Internal Medicine Adam Birkenheuer, an internationally recognized expert on vector-borne infections of dogs and cats, is the recipient of the Quattlebaum Chair. 

Adam Birkenheuer

Jul 21, 2021

NC State Veterinary Medicine Infectious Disease Expert Birkenheuer to Receive Distinguished Chair

Birkenheuer’s long-standing dedication to the detection and treatment of infectious diseases in dogs and cats has led to remarkable breakthroughs at NC State. 

doctor Birkenheuer receives coat of excellence award

Aug 21, 2019

Seaks Never Forgets a Friend

Terry Seaks describes the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine as, “a place where miracles happen.”  He’s felt this way for 25 years, since he and his late wife, Jane, brought their cat, Fluffy, to the NC State Veterinary Hospital, hoping to find a cure for Fluffy’s persistent dermatological problem. He tells how a clinician came up… 

Erin Lashnits

Jul 17, 2017

Shedding Light on an Emerging Infectious Disease

A new research project answers lingering questions about Bartonella and Bartonellosis... 

Terry Seaks

Jun 11, 2017

For Seaks, Miracles Stand the Test of Time

People who love their pets know the bonds that exist between ourselves and our animal companions are especially strong. Someone who understands that dynamic very well is Terry Seaks, economics professor emeritus... 

May 26, 2009

CVM Researchers Interviewed for AKC Genome Barks (podcasts)

Lee Arnold of the American Kennel Club and Canine Health Foundation Boards of Directors hosts Genome Barks, an AKC-sponsored series of podcasts. [section_subtitle]He interviewed: [/section_subtitle] Dr. Steve Suter on canine lymphoma cell lines. These cell lines will provide a tool to study the disease on a cellular level and determine the molecular behavior of lymphoma.…