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Pooka Moochie

[attribution]Cyndi Morgia[/attribution]

Siamese Cat Pooka MoochiePooka Moochie was my companion. I picked her out when she was 6 weeks old and we have been together ever since. We have moved from New York, to Tennessee, then to North Carolina. There was never a moment that she was not a part of the action. Pooka was so much more than just a cat, she was mine. She was the best!

Pooka’s life was put at risk by a steroid shot she received for a skin allergy. Pooka went into cardiac failure and spent 3 days at the NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital where they were able to save her life. For the next month she was back and better than ever. It was the best I have ever seen her. February 20, 2010, Pooka developed a saddle clot and lost the use of her back legs. I immediately rushed her back to the NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital where they gave me a very grim prognosis. The doctor told me they don’t usually save animals with that kind of clot. They said Pooka was a fighter and she was a good candidate to try and save. Pooka spent the night and I was alerted in the morning that she had gotten worse. On February 21, 2010 I had to say good bye to my best friend.

Through out this extremely sad ordeal I was given many options on course of treatment, each with a dollar sign attached. If you could pay it, then your pet received the treatment. If you could not pay, you would have to say goodbye too soon. Luckily, I could pay and I was able to hold on to my sweet girl for a little while longer. As I reflected on Pooka’s death I realized what would have happened if I could not pay. At that point I came up with the idea of The Pooka Moochie Pet Assistance Fund. I wanted Pooka’s death to make a difference. A way for her to always be remembered. I wanted to turn a very harsh negative to a positive. If through the Pooka Moochie Pet Assistance Fund I can save a family the hurt I went through, Pooka has done her job.

I chose for the funds to go through the NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital because they treated Pooka as if she was their own. They gave her and me the best care possible. It’s a way to give back for all that they did for Pooka.

I hope this inspires you and makes you cherish every moment you have with your pet.

Thank you for being a part of the Pooka Moochie Pet Assistance Fund Family.