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Animal Care

Planning Mother’s Day Gifts? Here are Pet-Safe Cut Flowers and House Plants

Mom deserves the best, but don't forget your pets when you're picking out those beautiful blooms and live greenery.

It’s almost Mother’s Day! If you’re headed to the garden center to pick up a last-minute house plant or to the grocery store to grab a bouquet of flowers, what should you get if you have flower-munching felines or plant-eating pooches at home?

We’ve put together some veterinarian-approved resources for understanding nontoxic flowers, plants and more so you can keep both pets and Mom happy and healthy.

While these plants are nontoxic to your furry family members, we don’t recommend they ingest them as any flower, plant or leafy green can cause pets to vomit or have mild GI upset. It’s still best to keep these out of reach!