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News and updates, October 2017

Matthew Breen with Marian McCord and Chancellor Randy Woodson
Matthew Breen, left, receives the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from NC State for his work on genetic testings for canine cancer. (Breen stands with Marian McCord and Chancellor Randy Woodson.)

Faculty and Staff

  • Craig Harms discusses his passion for sea turtle care — and his new book on turtle health and rehabilitation.
  • Research from Barbara Sherry’s lab highlights the first-alert system the heart uses to protect itself from viral invasion.
  • Kenneth Royal receives an alumni leadership and service award from the University of Kentucky.
  • Geof Smith gives webinar on minimizing the effects weather-related stress on calves.
  • Kathryn Meurs discusses how the growing field of comparative medicine is helping to advance cancer therapy. Matthew Breen featured in ABC 11 report on how studying dogs could help find cancer treatments for humans.
  • Matthew Breen receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award from NC State for his work on genetic testings for canine cancer.
  • Research from Sid Thakur finds that bacteria can spread antibiotic resistance through soil.
  • Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf receives lifetime achievement award from the American College of Zoological Medicine, as well as the Emil Dolensek Award from the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians.
  • Research co-authored by Ke Cheng offers a new approach to keeping cardiac stem cells in place and preventing their rejection.
  • Jenna Hartwell fills the gap between academia and real world employment with tireless energy.
  • Sid Thakur’s lab gets funding to continue GenomeTrakr program.
  • A study co-authored by Barbara Sherman and Margaret Gruen is the first to explore the role of two types of hormones in dog aggression.
  • Dave Dorman joins expert state panel on advisers on GenX, other public health issues.
  • Brian Gilger discusses new research, treatments for chronic canine dry eye.

In the Spotlight

Alumni and Students

Donors and Support

  • Natasha Olby receives the largest endowed chair in NC State history (, through an extraordinary gift supporting aging pets from 1994 CVM alumna Kady Gjessing. (
  • At this year’s Kindred Companion’s event, we honored Francine Cronin and the unique bond she had with animals.
  • Cat with rare cancer gets a helping hand thanks to the Veterinary Hospital and the Petco Foundation.