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NC State’s Day of Giving 2022:  How You Can Support the College of Veterinary Medicine

When the Wolfpack comes together, great things happen.

happy dog in field

Every gift tells a story, and together we can write the next chapters on groundbreaking research, compassionate clinical care and world-class education at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.

For 24 hours on March 23, our pack will unite for the 2022 NC State Day of Giving. Please support the college here and help drive the innovation and compassionate work happening on our campus every day. 

This year’s opportunities include:

All Gifts Great and Small Fund

Support the areas of greatest need at the College of Veterinary Medicine and the NC State Veterinary Hospital.

Companion Pet Assistance Fund 

Help pet owners with the greatest financial need in these challenging times give their pets the care they deserve.

Veterinary Health Complex Equipment Fund

Allow the NC State Veterinary Hospital to continue providing cutting-edge medicine and research through acquiring state-of-the-art equipment.

College of Veterinary Medicine Student Emergency Fund

Change lives and support our students in the most critical of times. No student should have to choose between continuing their studies and paying their rent due to the loss of income. 

Vet Med Disaster Relief Fund

Enable the college to have an effective and swift response to new disasters as well as contribute to disaster preparedness and emergency responder training programs. In the wake of powerful storms like Hurricanes Florence, Matthew, Floyd and Katrina, it has become increasingly clear that animals are just as affected and displaced by natural disasters as people are. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the day and take part in the social media challenges that help the College of Veterinary Medicine compete for bonus prizes against other NC State colleges. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GivingPack.