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NC State VBMA Students Win National Award

VBMA national meeting
Sam Tucker (third from left) and NC State's VBMA members at this year's national meeting.

NC State College of Veterinary Medicine students have earned a national honor from the Veterinary Business Management Association.

The NC State student chapter of the VBMA took home the Most Collaborative Event Award earlier this month at the organization’s national conference. The group was recognized for organizing and hosting its Wolfpack Leadership Conference, held every February at the CVM.

The conference includes lectures, panels and breakout sessions on different themes each year. It is open to CVM students, faculty and staff, as well as veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary practice managers. Last year’s conference focused on disaster management in veterinary settings.

“We are both humbled and thrilled to receive this recognition for our hard work over the past year,” said NC State VBMA President Sam Tucker, a member of the CVM Class of 2021.  

This year’s Wolfpack Leadership Conference, held Feb. 7-8, will focus on fostering a culture of positivity and inclusion in the workplace, reflective of the CVM community’s shared values. Students attending the conference receive a business certificate credit and veterinarians receive a continuing education credit.

NC State’s chapter of the VBMA holds weekly business and leadership programs throughout the CVM’s academic year. 

“The NC State chapter of the VBMA is a great example of how students give us insights on the future of the profession and reflect the skills rolled into our core DVM curriculum,” said Laura Nelson, CVM associate dean and director of academic affairs. “In the activities of the group, I see a dynamic, interdisciplinary, curious, proactive view of the role of veterinarians in years to come.”

Many NC State VBMA members are active with the national organization. The Class of 2021’s Sarah Montoya is the national VBMA president. Last year, Tucker was the organization’s treasurer and the Class of 2021’s Amanda Sautner was the national marketing director. The Class of 2021’s Rebecca Jones and the Class of 2022’s Alex Barnett served the national organization as regional leaders.

Tucker said it has been “an adventure of a lifetime” for NC State’s VBMA members to take on national roles while planning events at the CVM.

“I believe that I speak for all of us when I say that the VBMA has had a profound impact on our professional and personal lives,” said Tucker.

~Jordan Bartel/NC State Veterinary Medicine