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Natasha Olby Recipient of Faculty Achievement Award from American Association of Veterinary Clinicians

Natasha Olby, professor of neurology at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary, is the recipient of the 2014 Faculty Achievement Award from the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (AAVC).

The award is presented to an AAVC member who has achieved national recognition in academic or institutional practice, teaching, research, or in another endeavor that advances veterinary medicine.

In nominating Dr. Olby for the recognition, Lizette Hardie, the head of the Department of Clinical Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine, detailed Dr. Olby’s strengths and accomplishments and described the board-certified neurologist as the “epitome of an academic clinician, a translational researcher, valued teacher, and veterinary leader.”

“She runs a busy neurology service that provides cutting-edge care and has been recognized for her compassionate approach with clients and patients,” says Dr. Hardie. “Her investigations into canine spinal cord injury have led to novel cellular transplantation and regenerative therapies that hold great promise for animal and human health.

“As a teacher and mentor,” Dr. Hardie continues, “she is the recipient of numerous awards for her work with veterinary students and summer research scholars and with residents and graduate students who routinely take top honors in national research competitions. Dr. Olby’s leadership skills are evidenced in her recruitment and coordination of large multi-institutional teams and individual researchers in investigation of challenging problems in veterinary neurology.”

Dr. Olby joined the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine as a resident in neurology and neurosurgery in 1996 after earning veterinary and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Cambridge. She became an assistant professor in 1999, an associate professor in 2004, and a professor in 2011.  She also served as president of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Neurology Specialty from 2008 to 2011.

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Natasha Olby

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Natasha Olby