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Meet the NC State Veterinary Medicine Class of 2025

class of 2025

After carefully reviewing 1,661 applications, the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is pleased to welcome the newest class of 100 future clinicians and scientists.

The class of 2025 will be an important part of the CVM’s effort to restore more normal operations after a trying year of disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic. After orientation, the group will begin classes on Aug. 9.

The incoming class ranges in age from 19 to 35, with an average age of 24, and its members hail from 15 different states and Puerto Rico. Eighty students in the incoming class are from North Carolina. Their backgrounds are varied and reflect the diverse interests and talents of this special group.

One of the new class members served a fellowship working on COVID-19 research for the National Institutes of Health. Another, while working as an animal control officer, was part of the first successful investigation and prosecution of an animal hoarding case involving amphibians and reptiles in the Raleigh area. And one intrepid member of the class of 2025 hiked the entire 273-mile length of the Long Trail in Vermont. 

Here’s a closer look at this newly minted class.

  • 82-18: The ratio of women to men
  • 35: The number of NC State undergraduates
  • 26: members of the incoming class who are first generation college students
  • 3.7: The average overall GPA
  • 2: The number of students from Puerto Rico
  • 31: Students planning to focus on small animal medicine, the most popular area of interest. Other popular interests were in mixed animal (17), food animal (15) and zoological medicine (7)
  • 2: The number of states outside of North Carolina with more than one incoming student (Maryland and Florida)
  • 1: Student who has developed and published a video game