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Heartfelt and Celebratory: The 37th Annual CVM Awards

cvm facility

After a full academic year of dealing with the multiple challenges of life with coronavirus, the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s annual awards ceremony presentations May 6 were a bit more heartfelt, the production values polished, and the sense of shared community more palpable than ever. 

The ceremony was virtual and streamed on the CVM’s YouTube channel. 

Providing comic relief during the ceremonies were the perennial hosts, the duo of Jeff Huckel, director of student services, and Greg Lewbart, professor of aquatic, wildlife and zoological medicine. Huckel’s opening performance as Dr. Anthony Fauci was the evening’s star turn.

CVM Dean Paul Lunn delivered introductory remarks, noting that the college awarded more than 260 student scholarships worth $1,113,97 during the past year. He also made note of a new award from donor PetDesk to assist graduating students in establishing careers. Receiving the inaugural award was the class of 2021’s Shayla Jackson. PetDesk is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the veterinary industry.

The awards, honoring students and faculty for outstanding achievements since 1984, were capped with the presentation of the three highest awards given to faculty members. The Huffman Leadership Award was presented to Megan Jacob, associate professor of clinical microbiology and director of diagnostic laboratories, especially for her work in establishing the in-house COVID-19 laboratory testing facility for the university on the CVM campus. 

CVM Dean Paul Lunn (background) and Megan Jacob. Photo by John Joyner/NC State Veterinary Medicine

The award was presented by last year’s recipient, Steve Marks, associate dean and director of veterinary medical services.

Brian Gilger, professor of ophthalmology, received the Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence, honoring his 25 years of research and clinical accomplishments that have established him as the leading authority in the world on equine ophthalmology, said Lunn.

Laura Nelson, associate dean and director of academic affairs, was recognized with the Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award. Students and colleagues lauded Nelson for her unfailing positivity, unselfish willingness to help others, humility and for being a source of stability as the college community worked through the uncertainties of the past year.

The event was sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Merck Animal Health, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation, the Student Chapter of the AVMA and Zoetis Animal Health. 

Here is the complete list of awards and recipients:

Merck Academic Excellence Awards: Stephen Santangelo, Stephany Spano, Alyssa Berman, Carolyn Hynes, Claire Neinast, Julia Neimann, Colin Stone, Hayley Stratton, Allyson Patterson, Amy Le Blanc

Martin Litwack Award for Excellence: Ashley Le, Courtney Hamilton, Jake Clements, Kelsey Tyler, and Kaitlin Gorrell

NCVMA Academic Achievement Award: Susan Jones

Monserrat Cuevas
Monse Cuevas

Joseph L. Grimes Leadership Award: Monse Cuevas

Friends of NCVMA Foundation Scholarship: Liliya Nusbaum

Friends of NCVMA Advocate Award: Jacob Jones

The Industry Council Award: Elizabeth Welch

Jim and Mollie Rasor Leadership Scholarship Endowment: Taylor Gregory

Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Innovation Award: Irina Perdew

ACVO Ophthalmology Senior Student Award: Elisabeth Wise

ACVIM Clinical Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine: Valerie Nelson, Emily Gidcumb

DOCS Companion Animal Faculty Clinical Proficiency Awards: Valerie Nelson, Jazmine Kemp, Erin Wilkins, Kristen Bagley, Susan Jones

ACVS Small Animal Surgery Award: Caroline Schlaeppi

MBS Excellence in Anesthesia Clinical Proficiency Award: Susan Jones, Sam Tucker

Proficiency in Aquatic Animal Medicine: Michelle Barnett

Proficiency in Conservation Medicine: Khushboo Dass

Proficiency in Invertebrate Medicine: Sam Tucker

Proficiency in Carnivore Medicine: Kelsie Dougherty

Proficiency in Reptile and Amphibian Medicine: Cheryl Heitzman

Proficiency in Wildlife Medicine: Dario Marquez

Proficiency in Zoological Medicine: Taylor Gregory

Proficiency in Zoological Pathology: Chris Gaudette

Proficiency in Avian Medicine: Haley Pratt

Chris Gaudette
Chris Gaudette. Photo by John Joyner/NC State Veterinary Medicine

Merck Animal Health Award for Dermatology: Devin Fussell

C. Dillman Award for Excellence in Anatomical & Clinical Pathology: Chris Gaudette

Dr. Monica Menard Award for Excellence in Veterinary Pathobiological Research: Rosemary Bayless

ACVR Excellence in Clinical Radiology Award: Caroline Schlaeppi

NCSU Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Proficiency Award: Radiology – Devyn Seifert; Ultrasound – Janelle Avelino

2021 AAHA Award for Proficiency in Primary Care: Liliya Nusbaum

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Cardiology Award: Dylan DeProspero

Bob Rosenthal Oncology Senior Student Award: Evangelia Makrygiannis

Your Chance Medical Oncology Resident Award: Susan Shapiro, Ellen Sherrick, Rachael Camiener

Association of Feline Practitioners Senior Student Award: Megan Carson

VECCS Award for Proficiency in Emergency & Critical Care: Valerie Nelson

Donald R. Howard Award for Surgical Excellence : Brianna Jackson

Dr. Robert Agne Memorial Equine Award: Miriam “Mik” Chari

Mat Gerard Award for Excellence in Equine Dentistry: Mara Parmenter

Equine Health Program Special Focus Award – General Practice: Sara Tufts

Whynter Colinson Brownie Award – equine: Kim Young

ACVIM Certificate of Clinical Excellence in Large Animal Internal Medicine: Sara Tufts

DOCS Large Animal Clinical Proficiency Awards: Beth Lewis, Patricia Baez-Ramos

ACVS Large Animal Surgery Award: Elisabeth Stone

Theriogenology Clinical Proficiency Award: Aimee Sink

Leroy Coggins Graduate Fellowship Endowment: Brittany Veerasammy

Population Health & Pathobiology Small Ruminant Clinical Proficiency Award: Elissa Nelson

Population Health & Pathobiology Large Ruminant Clinical Proficiency Award: Meagan Noblin

Boehringer Ingelheim award for Excellence in Bovine Preventative Medicine: Trey Cook

Aleaya Bowie. Photo by John Joyner/NC State Veterinary Medicine

Whynter Colinson Brownie Award – food animal: Enoch Meira

Hanns-Dieter Alhusen Swine Proficiency Award: Jamie Madigan

Population Health & Pathobiology Faculty Poultry Proficiency Awards: Chris Gaudette

Award for Excellence In Veterinary Behavior: Megan Carson

American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners Foundation Veterinary Student Award: Aleaya Bowie

Joel Kirk Budd, Jr. Award for Companion Animal Diagnostics: Caroline Schlaeppi

Student and House Officer Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Student winner: Shayla Jackson; House officer winner: Caitlin Hepps Keeney

Sarah Watson Brown Award: Madeline Mitchell, Megan Carson

Class of 2024 CVM Faculty Award: Mat Gerard

Class of 2023 CVM Faculty Award: Luke Borst

Class of 2022 CVM Faculty Award: Laura Nelson

Class of 2021 CVM Faculty Award: Karyn Harrell

Phyllis Edwards Service Award: Gail Druley

Best Small Animal Service Technician: Damian Launer

Best Small Animal Wards Technician: Stefanie LaJuett

Best Small Animal Intern: Emily Javery, Kristen Verdoorn

Best Small Animal Resident: Michael Kato

Best Large Animal Technician: Adam Gamble

Best Large Animal Intern: Kimberly Hallowell, Erin O’Neil

Laura Nelson
Associate Dean and Director of Academic Affairs Laura Nelson works with students. Photo by John Joyner/NC State Veterinary Medicine

Best Large Animal Resident: Blanca Camacho

Best Veterinary Teaching Hospital Staff Member: Rebecca Maher

Honorary Member of the Class of 2021: John Joyner

Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence: Brian Gilger

Huffman Leadership Award: Megan Jacob

Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award: Laura Nelson

~Steve Volstad/NC State Veterinary Medicine