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Erin Mitchell, Class of 2004

Job title: Assistant director/clinical veterinarian, Wake Forest University animal resources program in laboratory animal medicine

Describe your current position and what led to your job.

I was in private practice but became burnt out with the hours and lack of ability to practice the type of medicine that I wanted. A classmate worked at WFU and offered me the ability to visit the research institution. A position opened shortly thereafter so I moved from GP to research.

Describe job opportunity trends in your industry. What does the future look like for your industry?

Positive outlook, stable career path.

What advice would you offer alumni/students looking for a job in your field?

Complete a residency. It also helps to have practical experience.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Continue to seek opportunities if you are not satisfied with your current situation.

Share one “do” or “don’t” that you have learned regarding resumes, interviewing, networking or job searching tactics.

Do make sure you have multiple people in different fields, not just veterinary medicine, review and comment on your resume.

Anything else you would like to add?