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May Equine Gala Kicks Off Plans for Future Expansion

Dean Lunn speaks at equine Gala

A festive crowd of friends, partners, supporters and medical professionals dressed in “boots and bow ties/denim and diamonds” gathered beneath an outdoor pavilion on the CVM campus Friday, May 13 to socialize and learn about “visionary plans for equine and farm animal health at NC State.”

NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Dean Paul Lunn and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Richard Linton outlined the far-reaching initiative that involves a multi-year commitment to growth and expansion.

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The highlights of the plan are:

  • An already-initiated Equine Primary Care Program.  This intensive four-week program provides students with practical hands-on instruction and experience to make their skills “practice-ready,” enabling them to compete for and succeed in their first job.
  • The Tiffany and Randy Ramsey endowed Equine Sports Medicine Program. This includes the latest equipment for equine rehabilitation after injury, continued leadership in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, and in the use of cutting edge imaging technologies for diagnosis. The Ramseys’ generous endowment will keep this program strong in perpetuity, funding facilities, professorships and the technology necessary to be a world leader.
  • A $40 million renovation and expansion of the 35-year-old Equine and Farm Animal Veterinary Medical Center. Plans include a thorough renovation of the current building, plus the construction of an entirely new and separate Farm Animal Hospital. The result of this five-year project will be separate state-of-the-art equine and farm animal hospitals that are second to none.
  • In partnership with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, building the new Reedy Creek Equine Farm by 2018. In addition to benefiting clinicians and horse owners, the faculty of both colleges will be able to work side by side to provide superior training in equine science for both undergraduate Animal Science and Veterinary students.

Additional details regarding the Equine and Farm Animal Expansion may be found here.