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Epilepsy Awareness March 26: Purple Day for Epilepsy

bulldog with red hat

“Porkchop” goes to work daily, greeting customers in a woman’s boutique in North Carolina. She shares her warm personality and infectious whole-body wag, and has been credited for drawing customers in, just to spend time with her. She also is an example of a dog living with epilepsy – and helps to raise awareness about epilepsy and the efforts underway to help those affected by the disorder.

Epilepsy is a chronic medical condition that affects both pets and people, and can be quite challenging to manage. On March 26th, epilepsy advocates are joining forces to bring more attention to this disorder.

At NC State, the Companion Animal Epilepsy Research Program, led by Dr. Karen Munana, provides ongoing research into the causes and treatment for pets with epilepsy. “We are committed to helping pets with epilepsy as well as their caregivers, and support efforts to raise awareness of this disorder through National Purple Day for Epilepsy,” notes Munana. “We have made great strides over recent years in the management of epilepsy, but there is still so much more to learn,” she adds.

Epilepsy is a one medicine challenge-and research efforts can benefit both pets and people. Munana is part of the NC State Comparative Medicine Institute,, which supports research that can help animals and man facing similar medical conditions, such as epilepsy.

For more information about how you can support epilepsy efforts at NC State, please visit: