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Class of 2018 Story: From Friends to Family

Sophie Amirsultan
Sophie Amirsultan, class of 2018. Photo by John Joyner/NC State Veterinary Medicine

Name: Sophie Amirsultan
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Focus: Small animal
Post-graduation plan: Rotating small animal internship, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

For me, getting into veterinary school was the biggest challenge.

Having completed my undergraduate education in India, there were a lot of hurdles involved in getting my transcripts evaluated to determine equivalency of prerequisite courses. This involved individually sending my transcripts and syllabi to each veterinary school I planned on applying to, to ensure that they were acceptable.

What immediately drew me to NC State was the kindness and compassion everybody in the admissions office showed me. They were extremely helpful in taking a look at my transcripts and advising me on how they might transfer over. Their positive and helpful attitude helped make my decision on which school to choose for my veterinary education.

The best part of being a veterinary student, particularly in my fourth year, is caring for my patients and their parents. It is a great feeling to watch them get better and go home. There truly is no greater joy than being able to discharge a patient that was in critical condition just a few days before and partake in the joy and relief that their family experiences.

Veterinary school was grueling, fulfilling, exhausting and exhilarating. I have been beyond lucky to have an incredible support group of friends and family. Over these four years, my friends became family. The hurdles that a veterinary student experiences is unique and you end up forming special bonds with the people you share those with.

All these experiences influenced my decision to stay at NC State for a rotating internship. I am incredibly grateful to my many mentors who provided so much encouragement, positive criticism and support.

My advice to those considering this profession: be open minded. Find your support group and make patient care your priority.

Be kind to yourself.