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Mike Charbonneau

Jan 25, 2022

Duncan Lascelles talks with USA Today about a groundbreaking arthritis pain management drug for cats.

Dog jumping over water during field competition

Jan 19, 2022

A Match Made in Rehab for NC State Veterinary Technician, Hunting Dog

How a devastating injury led to Tarpon the Labrador living with longtime NC State veterinary technician Heather Hopkinson. 

female veterinarian looking at penguin

Jan 11, 2022

No Pay Gap For Female Zoo Vets, but Children Perceived as Career Hindrance

For female veterinarians who want to specialize in zoological work, a new CVM-led study on family work and income holds both good and bad news. 

Veterinary nurse holds car

Jan 6, 2022

Chatterbox the Rescue Cat is Saved Again

Elisabetta Ferrero was eager to do as much as possible for Chatterbox. That’s when she was told about the availability of assistance from the Petco Love grant. “That lit up my world,” she says. 

Woman with dog outside

Jan 4, 2022

Pets of NC State Veterinary Medicine Staff, Faculty Help Train Future Veterinarians

Many members of the CVM community volunteer their pets to help students practice important history-taking, examination and client interaction skills. 

Family with an adopted dog sitting on a bench

Dec 21, 2021

Heart to Heart: Following Treatment at NC State, Dog With Heart Murmur Comes Home to Girl With Same Condition

When it became time to look for a forever home for Kallie, an online pet ad included her heart story so that potential owners would know she might need special care. That's exactly what drew 7-year-old Ali to her new best friend. 

Inclusion, diversity and NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

Dec 15, 2021

The 10 Most Memorable NC State Veterinary Medicine Stories of 2021

If 2020 was a year full of the unexpected, 2021 was a year of resilience. Here are 10 of the most unforgettable NC State CVM stories of the year. 

CVM student Alex Grobman outside with a horse

Dec 7, 2021

NC State’s Grobman Earns Prestigious National Equine Scholarship

Alex Grobman is the fourth NC State student to earn the $75,000 Coyote Rock Ranch Scholarship since it was launched in 2015. 

doctor foster and crew members break ground

Nov 30, 2021

NC State Veterinary Medicine News and Updates, November 2021

A new class of Annable Scholars, coyotes in Raleigh and more from a busy month on campus. 

King Charles Spaniel is a breed of small dog of the Spaniel type.

Nov 29, 2021

NC State Veterinary Medicine Research Roundup, November 2021

Canine mitral valve disease, manatee rehabilitation, treating intestinal ischemia and more of the latest published research from the CVM.